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Sibyl Magazine: for the Spirit & Soul of Woman January 2016

Sibyl Magazine

My Quantum Health Transformation

Discovering the Flow by Karen Holton

As a late bloomer in crisis, I had no choice but to learn to go with the Flow. At the time I was nearly fifty, morbidly obese, suffering from various mental and physical afflictions and deeply unhappy.  Finally I surrendered to my spiritual awakening and chose daily practises which involve a go with the Flow attitude.

As I set out on my new path, I found that the Flow is not linear, nor is it lackadaisical or uncharted.  It required some effort on my part.  Instead of actively making my desires come true, I learned to be steadfast with my self-reflection, so I could remove the clutter I had accumulated as fears and limiting belief systems.  Universal Tender Mercy is always there to supply what we need in order to achieve our heartfelt desires, but I had to let that Mercy in and allow It to operate in Its own special way.

I had tried everything to lose weight, but each time I gained it back and more.  After experiencing morbid obesity for over thirty years, I was ready to let the light in and give up my control.  As I learned to create sacred space within myself, I learned to go with the Flow, and began to lose weight and feel much better.  Sooner than I ever dreamed possible, I shed 178 pounds, and since have maintained a healthy weight for over ten years.

Along the way I experienced set-backs and challenges, but my intention was clear, and they passed quickly and rewarded me with a surprise.  Initially when I honored my body and made more healthful choices, I began to detoxify and felt worse before I felt better.  However, once through the process, I was rewarded with clearer thinking, more energy and vitality than ever before.  This positive reward reinforced my commitment to continue to invite healthful practises into my lifestyle.

I soon learned that the unpleasant experiences and challenges I faced on route to my goals is called turbulence (quantum mechanics – chaos theory).  This is the chaotic state experienced just before manifestation.  Wavicals pulled from subatomic space (Zero Point, also known as Planck Level), have a temporary destabilizing effect as they pull energy from our reality, to create drag.  As the wavicals cease to exist in an amorphous state, they become three dimensional, creating the outcome we have chosen.

In practical terms, turbulence means things get messy – even painful before they become manifest.  So when the challenges arose, I learned to rejoice because I knew that my reward was close.  All I had to do was keep doing my best!  I summoned my courage and put aside my control in order to grasp a quantum reality with all of its benefits.  Now I am more patient with myself, continue to go with the Flow and am amazed by the outcomes!

Sibella Circle Member & Visionary Leader

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Sibyl Magazine: for the Spirit & Soul of Woman February 2016

Sybil Magazine February

My Quantum Health Transformation

The Blessed Blues by Karen Holton

Some days I feel really blue.  On these days I feel “spiritually dry”, I can’t concentrate and obsess more than a little; I also feel physically achy and exhausted.  I can’t seem to get anything productive done while I feel those inevitable yucky feelings.

These unproductive days used to really bother me, which didn’t help the situation.  Now I call them the Blessed Blues because they happen with a good purpose.  When Spiritual encouragement, energy and mental clarity seem unavailable, I get the chance to measure my “emotional noise” which accumulates because I have not taken the time to address my issues.  On more energetic days, I get a lot done but inadvertently push my issues into the background.  It seems that every now and again, I must empty my emotional “recycle bin”.

When I get the Blessed Blues, I cancel my obligations and stick to a very basic routine.  I sit or lay down and loosely examine whatever comes into my mind.  In this way, I give the neglected issues my full attention.  I deal with each issue one by one, and let whatever feelings that emerge wash over me without censorship or judgement.  Grounding and gentle body movement also help with this process.

Our built in guidance system can manifest in any part of our body as sensation or tension.  As I relinquish control to simply act and think in a way that is in accord with how I feel, this guidance system works as though on auto-pilot, freeing up energy and thought as I discard old ways of dealing with my issues.  Healthier ways to cope emerge automatically, and the tension soon dissipates.

I also found a way to overcome that “spiritually dry” feeling.  I run a hot bath and add several cups of Epsom salts, Mediterranean Sea salt, and some of my favourite essential oils.  I light a few candles, switch off the overhead light, and play some soft spiritual music in the background.  As I let the water envelope my being, I enter a state of deep relaxation and reconnect to my spiritual guides/higher self.  The combination of hot water and salts assist me to let go of tension, and I become aware of my connectedness on an energetic level.  We are not only physical but also energetic creatures, and this soothing bath energizes my being so that a natural connection to the unseen realms of love and support become consciously available again.  Once this happens, I feel better and know that everything is O.K. and that everything is going to be O.K.

I believe my body is my Spiritual Temple and regardless of how I feel in any given moment, I am worthy to protect, nourish and care for it.  The Blessed Blues give me the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.

Sibella Circle Member & Visionary Leader

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Sibyl Magazine: for the Spirit & Soul of Woman March 2016

My Quantum Health Transformation

Food Saved My Life! by Karen Holton

I dieted my way to morbid obesity.  Weighing in at 320 pounds, I felt terrible physically, mentally and spiritually.  I was always on a diet: fad diets, Weight Watchers, TOPS; but every time I lost weight, I gained it all back and more!  How ironic that when I finally learned to eat more real food, I lost 178 pounds permanently, and this saved my life.

While I was losing weight permanently, I found out that I could generate as much energy as I needed by freeing myself from chemical resistance.  Lifelong accumulations of toxins, heavy metals, and other mostly man-made chemicals “corroded” my spiritual connections so my energy was not conducted or utilized adequately.  When this happens, our Chakras cannot flow and don’t pool our energy efficiently or abundantly.

Detoxifying my body was a challenge at first; I felt like I was cleaning house for a hoarder. Eventually as I passed through the worst of it, I was able to maintain a state of well-being with a simple daily routine and healthy lifestyle.  I have a good appetite and am very grateful that real food is my friend, and I no longer need to limit amounts.

My physical, mental, and social success is rooted in my becoming aware of the true nature of food.  I found out that fresh, live, raw, organic and wild foods contain nutrients (like vitamins, minerals and enzymes), and vital moisture which contains other essential microscopic elements (like micro-minerals, crystals, gases and lipids).  Raw, organic foods contain fibre (essential for detoxification and elimination), pigments (medicinal compounds, and life energy from the sun in specific wavelengths depending on the colour), and nutrients for my gut flora (essential for emotional stability).  Let’s not forget flavour & texture which make eating very pleasurable, and the fact that real foods alkalize the body, making it disease resistant – another bonus!

I also discovered there are good reasons to eat a variety of organic and wild, non-irradiated herbs and spices.  The natural preservatives found in herbs, spices, salts & teas will prolong life and keep us well.  They guard against parasites, bacteria and viruses because they become systemic prophylactic medicines when eaten.  I learned to enjoy a wide variety of organic ethnic foods from around the world; and a variety of salts, (Mediterranean, Celtic, Himalayan, etc.) which provide the micro components needed to repair my DNA. 

When I started eating mostly live, raw, organic and wild foods, I found that my health and awareness rapidly improved.  People started to notice and my confidence soared!  Shake your food style up a bit and join me in the adventure.  The spin-off is better health, a clearer mind and a happier spirit.

By eating my way to better health, I have kept the 178 excess pounds off for ten years and am so enjoying this body!  Food saved my life.

Sibella Circle Member & Visionary Leader

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Sibyl Magazine: for the Spirit & Soul of Woman April 2016

My Quantum Health Transformation

Walk With Wisdom by Karen Holton

While permanently losing 178 pounds, I found that I could improve the way I felt, keep losing weight until I hit my healthy goal, and radically improve my fitness level by adding two easy activities to my day.

Formerly, when I weighed in at 320 pounds, I knew that physical activity was important but I lacked the discipline to follow a regimented exercise program.  I made the effort over the years: aerobics, jogging, and I even worked with a personal trainer at the gym; but I could not keep it up and felt like such a failure.

Then I found the perfect program for me.  The first thing I do is stretch before getting out of bed.  I do basic stretching poses while I am in the comfort of my bed, and in about 20 minutes, I feel energized and ready to get on with my day.  I no longer feel stiff, and now remain flexible, which makes me feel years younger.

Further, my physical, mental, and social health improved drastically when I started going for half hour walks each morning.  I like to walk in the mornings, otherwise I do not get around to it, and a simple walk in nature gives me so much more than exercise!

First of all, walking improves my cardio fitness and pulls lots of oxygen into my body healing my brain and organs.  The mild jiggling and joggling motions of my body parts move my lymph system, which unlike my blood, has no direct pump for circulation.  The easy impact of a simple walk moves the lymph system which drains toxic waste via sweat and other excretions.

When I am out in nature, I breathe in the aroma therapy given off by the plants and trees.  The freshness of the air tells my circadian and other rhythms to synchronize with the planet and I adapt better to the seasons. The plants and trees also have an uncanny ability to wick away stress and worry, and I find this an excellent opportunity to sort out my thoughts and meditate.  I become so grateful for all that I see, hear and feel while I am in nature – a perfect position for attracting success and health into my life.

While out walking, my body becomes grounded and resets to the resonant frequency of the planet and I feel so alive and connected!  The songs of birds, and the wind in the trees create a symphonic healing adventure.  Each season gives me a new perspective: Death & Renewal, Starting Over, Abundance, and Rest.  Gratitude and prayer seal my good intentions into healthy outcomes.

Where ever you live, come walk with me in spirit – even if you are at your ideal weight and feel healthy.  I have kept 178 excess pounds off for over ten years now, and am really enjoying this body!

Sibella Circle Member & Visionary Leader

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Sibyl Magazine: for the Spirit & Soul of Woman May 2016

My Quantum Health Transformation

Spring Soul Cleaning by Karen Holton

This year, spring cleaning was more of a soul adventure as I decided to downsize, clear out the clutter and only keep the things which make my heart sing.

I was attached to so many things, and since every item held a memory and an emotion, I just couldn’t make myself part with any of it.  So I decided to give up my spacious home, filled to the brim with things which no longer served me, and move into a small apartment to simplify my life and belongings.  Drastic measures, but well worth it!

As I sorted through my belongings, I was surprised to find that I held such strong sentimental attachment to so many things which made me feel sad.  Since energy is imbued into items by the way we think and feel about them, I was inadvertently hording negative energy, and this was holding me back from the fuller life I deserve and desire.

I held onto things which caused me to miss my children when they were little, or reminded me of my many mistakes.  Failed projects, hobbies and crafts never completed – some never even started.  Why was I keeping old family relics which meant something to someone once but just collected dust now?  I spent weeks crying my eyes out as I sorted, came to terms with, and disposed of the many things which made me feel unhappy.  However; once the boxes were removed from my property, those items (which I had been storing and moving with me for years), simply no longer mattered.  I felt so light and free!

It was as though I had discovered some form of arcane magic!  I sorted through everything I owned, only keeping the things which made me feel happy, secure and comforted, and threw the rest into boxes.  A friend came to pick up load after load, which she kindly dropped off at the thrift store for me.  Once I realized how refreshing I felt after each load was gone, I got more courageous and actually came to enjoy the process.

Soon I was shedding less tears while I sorted, and I felt more confident!  Now, not only am I surrounded with comfort, but a tremendous weight has been lifted from my spirit and energetic field.  As an added bonus, I can now look for the little children I had missed so much in the faces of my now grown offspring, and this has enriched my relationship with them.

Stripping off this “material excess weight” really taught me new ways to simplify my life, dump and detoxify my negative emotions and attitudes, and set the stage for a much refreshed and renewed me. I am no longer hording negative energy and now that I have more fully reconnected to the Flow, I am enjoying the life I deserve and desire more than ever.

Sibella Circle Member & Visionary Leader

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Sibyl Magazine: for the Spirit & Soul of Woman June 2016

My Quantum Health Transformation

The Romantic Singularity by Karen Holton

Everyone loves romance; but sadly, this was missing from my life as I waited for that special somebody to come sweep me off my feet.  I believed they would create a romantic environment for me, but little did I realize that true romance comes from within.  Now I enjoy a romantic single lifestyle, custom suited to myself.

It started when I noticed women buying each other flowers and small gifts as tokens of their appreciation and platonic affection for each other.  I thought: why not pamper myself?

I began picking flowers and buying small tokens of appreciation for myself in celebration of the good life I have created.  It is so wonderful to come home to find fresh flowers, and a hot pot of my favourite tea steeping under a bright cozy.  I kick off my shoes and enjoy the little favours that I set up for myself throughout each day.

When it comes to choosing gifts for others, I rarely know what the individual truly loves and needs, but I know exactly what I want, and how I want it.  This may sound selfish but I prefer to think of it as putting myself inside, and at the centre, of my circle of care.

Since I work from home, I plan several breaks and infuse many small rewards into my day, which are so lovely to enjoy.  Each day is filled with opportunities to spoil myself with romance and comfort.  I rarely feel lonely and I have chosen kind, like-minded friends for when I do want some company.  What more could I desire?

Romance is part of the healthy lifestyle I enjoy.  I prepare ahead beautiful, healthy, and delicious meals and snacks for myself; energizing short trips to places in nature; inviting and deeply relaxing mineral baths; and quiet, comforting evenings with my kitty.

This rewarding relationship with myself developed in stages as I found routines which worked well for me.  First I found it necessary to develop an inner parent who taught me the benefits of delayed gratification, how to follow a biologically appropriate diet, and is willing to set clear boundaries to protect my inner child.  Most of all, I learned to be compassionate and forgiving of myself, which led to becoming a Romantic Singularity.

When I am ready to share romance with another, my self-reliance will go a long way to ensure that my expectations are reasonable.  I can choose to be with someone special because I genuinely like them, rather than for what they bring to the table.

Don’t wait for that special somebody to come sweep you off your feet – create a romantic environment for yourself now.  True romance comes from within, and whether you are single or not, you can enjoy a romantic lifestyle, custom suited to you.  Love yourself first, and every moment can bring joy.

Sibella Circle Member & Visionary Leader

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Sibyl Magazine: for the Spirit & Soul of Woman July 2016

My Quantum Health Transformation

Roles, Rituals & Games We Play by Karen Holton

Mother, daughter, and life-partner are just a few of the assigned roles I have played during my life, and they worked fairly well while living in the old paradigm.  Now, as I observe our real-time evolution into something new, I take responsibility for the roles I played in my past, and am grateful for how they have shaped and prepared me for new paradigm living.

The transition of roles is an interesting process.  When I stripped off my assigned roles, I felt like an empty vessel waiting to be filled with something unknown – something new.  Without a clear sense of identity, I started to shop cafeteria-style, for the new roles I was ready to try.  I chose wisely.

Then, rituals which no longer served me were discarded in favour of new – some sacred and some just for fun.  Rituals are the glue which holds society together, and they are essential for the transition from obsolete to cutting-edge ways of being.  Since there is no use for dramatic social game-playing in new paradigm life, my adventure picked up momentum and my relationships became more authentic.

We are all born into cultures which require us to assume certain roles, rituals and learn to play specific social games in order to fit into society.  I found out that many of these roles, rituals and games no longer served me and worse yet, some prevented me from becoming all that I am.

One of the games my culture is steeped in is called the Victim Triangle. When I spent time rescuing someone identified as a victim, I inadvertently turned complete persons into caricatures of who they really were.  This had a detrimental effect on the victimizer, victim and rescuer.  These games are not only ineffective, false realities; they are designed to ensure a high level of drama which distracts us from our higher purpose.

Mainstream cultural/social constructs are not healthful for many people.  Although we remain law-abiding citizens, more of us are now choosing our own definition of ourselves, and are becoming the experts and designers of our own lives.  How?  By living consciously & tapping into our own inner resources!

As I experimented with various roles, I learned to escape from old patterns that just didn’t add any joy, peace or health to my life.  I began to explore light/shadow work and male/female energy integration, which gave me more awareness and personal power.  I chose attributes and ways of knowing that I wished to strengthen, and let go of the ones that no longer serve me.

Finally, meditation and self-reflection facilitated my ease into new paradigm thinking and being.  Feelings became my compass as new values and new ways of expressing myself emerged.  I became my own compassionate observer, became patient with myself and frequently rewarded my successes.  After all, life is an experiment and a great adventure!

Sibella Circle Member & Visionary Leader

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Sibyl Magazine: for the Spirit & Soul of Woman August 2016

My Quantum Health Transformation

Neutralizing Fear by Karen Holton

Even though I was doing everything possible to regain my health; fear, stress, and anxiety remained a part of my life until I learned to face up to, and effectively work with, all of my feelings.

Now, as soon as I become aware of undesirable feelings, I stop and focus on my breathing.  This momentarily stops the thinking part of my experience, and allows me to refocus and rely on my inner resources.  In this moment, I truly co-create my life situation by turning over my mind to the Creative Good.  This allows my internal dialog to collapse so I can re-set myself, and become more aware of my abundant internal spiritual guidance system.

Feelings are my compass; they tell me what is happening on all levels, so that my higher abilities can assist.  I came to understand how my mind can work against me with its perceptions and the stories I tell myself; however, when I feel a sensation and do not supply mind thought, I create space for my higher powers to come to the fore.

Fear can be neutralized.  I start by taking full responsibility for my situation, then I can appeal to my higher self to help me create an imaginative positive overlay of the outcome that I desire.  Then I simply get on with life by doing the things that I love.  When I expect the best, I trust myself and my Creative Good; and when I express gratitude for the things I appreciate in the Now, I automatically let go of worry and anxiety.

For example; in the past when I feared that I may not be able to meet my ongoing financial obligations, I found a great peace from taking full responsibility, and by promising myself that I would make sure there are sufficient resources to meet my desires regardless of circumstances.  Then I let it be so.

The magic lies in that precise moment that I accept full responsibility for my situation, as I have created it, and perceive it to be, before I look for more promising alternatives.  Miracles are born in this fierce moment, which often requires great courage.  This is how I learned to die to my former self, and be open to something new.

I am in charge of my re-creation and I will figure it out as I go along because only I can fine tune the necessary adjustments.  Stress is not my enemy.  Regardless of position in life, our best comes out when we are under pressure.  When life gets “easy” we become satisfied and lose our drive; without stress, we quickly lose our way within illusion and glamour.  The lessons remain regardless, but deliberate co-creation is most rewarding and brings about a calm peacefulness which neutralizes fear.  Only love remains.

Sibella Circle Member & Visionary Leader

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Sibyl Magazine: for the Spirit & Soul of Woman September 2016


My Quantum Health Transformation

New Paradigm Living by Karen Holton

Although the ascension process is challenging, new paradigm living is full of pleasant realizations and experiences.  As we leave the projected world of duality, which dominates old paradigm thinking, we discover a plethora of life enhancing options.

When confined to duality thinking, we see options of “this or that”: fat or thin, rich or poor, good or bad.  Then one day, I realized that we can have our cake and eat it too!  I can experience “this and that” – a middle ground rich with endless combinations of options.

New paradigm living no longer constrains us to “this or that” choices because we expand our concept of “having”.  The power of “and” replaces the limits of “or”.  I can have abundance and humility; excitement and vitality, or be straight and gay.  How my life did change when I started seeing my options as this and that and the other thing too!

Expanding my concept of “having” also influenced my social life.  As I meet other awakened individuals, I respond to them on a whole new level.  We form friendships of equals, kin folk, mentors, teachers, playmates, and we look up to each other with deep love and respect.

We form a global tribe.  When one of us falters, the tribe grounds the temporarily unconscious one, and guides them back to awareness.  All is calm.  Since we share abundance consciousness, there is no need for backbiting, competition or self-elevation.  Unconditional love remains constant.

Although we may rarely see each other, when we do re-connect, it is like no time has passed at all.  Throughout this global, platonic love affair, we find intimacy as we heal each other with our hugs, inspiration and alternative healing modalities.

Linear thinking is essential for success in the old paradigm, but this impairs our imagination and spiritual growth.  The ascension process is holistic and requires us to forgive and love ourselves unconditionally, and soon we begin to love and nurture our bodies.  Rather than never feeling quite good enough within the old paradigm, we now transition into complete self-acceptance: warts, bumps and all.  Humour replaces regret.

Further, spending time daily without distractions allows for self-reflection.  Although this may feel like an internal battleground for a while, it develops our imagination and we soon find clarity and balance, guidance and loving support, health and vitality.  The cure for our every challenge is waiting to be discovered within; and the more we focus on any subject, the more detail is revealed, until we eventually become adept at accessing the akashic records, also known as the living library.

Change your position in the multi-verse by transitioning to new paradigm living.  By stepping out of the duality of old paradigm thinking, we access great powers lying with the imaginative realm of infinite possibility.  Health, love, intimacy, peace, joy and self-respect await us all.

Sibella Circle Member & Visionary Leader

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Sibyl Magazine: for the Spirit & Soul of Woman October 2016

My Quantum Health Transformation

Ascension Symptoms by Karen Holton

I was sensitive to begin with, but once my ascension process kicked in, I became even more sensitive to the point where I felt like I was having physical and emotional reactions to everyone and everything.  This suffering became so intense that I was compelled to let go of my former ways of knowing and being, and then my Higher Power came to my rescue.

When life becomes so complex with undesirable thoughts, feelings and experiences, the soul bypasses the mind and joins forces directly with the body.  In the past, childbirth introduced me to the power and intelligence of my body.  This new experience was just as intense, painful and unbearable; and just like my experience with childbirth, I was forced to bear it since this process rendered my mind’s will impotent.

My suffering created a state of child-like innocence as I gave up my former belief systems.  I became filled with curiosity and wonder, combined with a sincere desire to find relief.  I had no choice but to follow the path of the Divine Fool – a place of not knowing and innocence.  A point of spiritual re-birth.

My suffering drove me to pursue well-being, and as my journey continued, addictions faded and wisdom surfaced.  I took steps toward a healthier lifestyle, and started to re-evaluate my ways of being and doing.  At first I experienced moments of relief, which encouraged me to continue.  In time moments of relief turned into hours of relief, which later became days of wellness.  Addictions, poor health, extra weight, emotional distress, anxiety and depression gradually just faded from my reality.  I still get the odd bad day, but my worst day now is better than my best day used to be.

Within my many hours of self-reflection, I pondered the cause for my suffering and realized that it was provoked by the culmination of my life’s choices.  I was responsible for the logical consequences of blindly following mainstream beliefs about pharmaceuticals, lifestyle, food – and everything else.  The universe was giving me a golden opportunity to wake up, love myself, and learn to take exquisite care of my body temple.  This process allows me to literally vibrate at a higher frequency and to activate more of my DNA.

I am responsible for my own recovery.  There is no way out of the suffering, but through it.  With the solid conviction that since I got myself into this state, I could also get myself out; I began my very spiritual journey of self-discovery.

Detoxification, experimenting with new ways of eating, learning to get in touch with my body sensation feedback system, and learning to trust myself as an authentic being – all led to my re-creation.  Now as a new being, I experience life on a new level.  Ascension symptoms only last until we make the shift to new paradigm realities.

Sibella Circle Member & Visionary Leader