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Sibyl Magazine: for the Spirit & Soul of Woman August 2016

My Quantum Health Transformation

Neutralizing Fear by Karen Holton

Even though I was doing everything possible to regain my health; fear, stress, and anxiety remained a part of my life until I learned to face up to, and effectively work with, all of my feelings.

Now, as soon as I become aware of undesirable feelings, I stop and focus on my breathing.  This momentarily stops the thinking part of my experience, and allows me to refocus and rely on my inner resources.  In this moment, I truly co-create my life situation by turning over my mind to the Creative Good.  This allows my internal dialog to collapse so I can re-set myself, and become more aware of my abundant internal spiritual guidance system.

Feelings are my compass; they tell me what is happening on all levels, so that my higher abilities can assist.  I came to understand how my mind can work against me with its perceptions and the stories I tell myself; however, when I feel a sensation and do not supply mind thought, I create space for my higher powers to come to the fore.

Fear can be neutralized.  I start by taking full responsibility for my situation, then I can appeal to my higher self to help me create an imaginative positive overlay of the outcome that I desire.  Then I simply get on with life by doing the things that I love.  When I expect the best, I trust myself and my Creative Good; and when I express gratitude for the things I appreciate in the Now, I automatically let go of worry and anxiety.

For example; in the past when I feared that I may not be able to meet my ongoing financial obligations, I found a great peace from taking full responsibility, and by promising myself that I would make sure there are sufficient resources to meet my desires regardless of circumstances.  Then I let it be so.

The magic lies in that precise moment that I accept full responsibility for my situation, as I have created it, and perceive it to be, before I look for more promising alternatives.  Miracles are born in this fierce moment, which often requires great courage.  This is how I learned to die to my former self, and be open to something new.

I am in charge of my re-creation and I will figure it out as I go along because only I can fine tune the necessary adjustments.  Stress is not my enemy.  Regardless of position in life, our best comes out when we are under pressure.  When life gets “easy” we become satisfied and lose our drive; without stress, we quickly lose our way within illusion and glamour.  The lessons remain regardless, but deliberate co-creation is most rewarding and brings about a calm peacefulness which neutralizes fear.  Only love remains.

Sibella Circle Member & Visionary Leader