About Zen Domes Orgone Generators

About Zen Domes Orgonite

Zen Domes are orgone generators.  Also known as Orgonite, these simple compounds balance ambient energy by re-tuning negative energy (EMF) into positive healing energy.  Orgonite does this continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Zen Domes are made by combining clear quartz crystals & other life-enhancing crystals, along with a mix of organic resin with metal shavings.  This produces a substance which attracts and converts electro-magnetic frequency (EMF) and other negative energies, into new and more healthful frequencies.

Orgone Generators:

  • help diminish the harmful effects of EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequency) radiation,
  • produce orgone energy (also known as: Chi, Prana, Zero Point, Life Force, etc.),
  • help purify the atmosphere and stimulate plant growth,
  • help stimulate positive mood,
  • are a natural remedy for poor sleep patterns, and
  • help restore health to the body, mind and soul by safely interacting with the natural crystals (salts) & fluids found in the body.

These devices function as a self-driven, continuously-operating, highly efficient DOR→POR (negative to positive) energy transmutation factories.

When orgonite is within range of any corded or wireless electronic device, (all emit DOR/negative energy), it will efficiently and continuously transform it into orgone, (POR/positive energy), as it is being transmitted. This essentially creates orgone energy transmitters out of any and all emitters of harmful negative energy.

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How do they work?

The resin in orgonite shrinks during the curing process, permanently squeezing the crystals inside, which activate a well-known piezoelectric effect inside the crystals.  The end-points become polarized electrically, and this causes the orgonite to function so effectively as a positive energy generator.

There are multiple health benefits reported from regularly keeping orgonite nearby.  When crystals are under pressure, they emit an inaudible symphony of healing frequencies, which clear the chakras as they relax the body, and interact with the natural crystals (salts) found in our fluids and tissues.

All Zen Domes orgonite amplify and purify energy, restoring health to the body, mind and soul.  They generate a positive electromagnetic field of healing frequency for about 10 feet in every direction, but when arranged within the home or office in a grid-like fashion, they intensify the effect of each other, extending their range and producing an energetic environment which is conducive to harmony and healing.  Even your plants and pets benefit.

Further, the tactical deployment of small pieces of orgonite near any and all sources of DOR, or life-negative energy, (such as cellphone towers, nuclear power plants, underground bases and natural Earth energy grid-lines and vortices), will bring about specific life-positive, cleansing, healing, effects.

Discovering Orgonite

In 2012, the original, limited edition Zen Domes were created by Vancouver-based visual artist, James Tracy (www.jamestracy.com).  James has moved on to new artistic pursuits, but Karen Holton handles the sale & distribution of new creations of orgonite, which she designs herself.

I am very happy to announce the addition of many new Zen Dome orgonite pyramids, pendants, and more.  My beneficial and beautifully designed Zen Domes orgone generators are always precision hand-made to perpetually stimulate health and vitality.  Good Health to You!


“These (Zen) domes are amazing!! Honestly, if it wasn’t for a close friend who had recommended these to me for pain relief, I would’ve never found this shop, and/or would’ve been too skeptical to have even tried it. Little did I know after my first order that I too was also suffering from EMF. Symptoms that I had had for years, but didn’t know what they were that limited me from watching TV or using my computer, went away. Just by placing one mini zen dome next to my laptop when I use it keeps my head clear and I’m able to focus and get my work done even if it takes hours without getting sick. I even tested taking the (Zen) dome away and using the laptop…the symptoms came back. It is UNREAL!!! I am still in amazement by how well they work and my plants love them too! A life changer! Bless Karen and James for getting them out there!” S.M.

“I am very, very pleased to say that the Zen Dome Orgonite that a dear Friend introduced me to is just wonderful! The amulet/shield alone, has made a significant difference to my health in the following ways:

  • The headache, foggy brain, and other cognitive issues I have suffered from have all but disappeared;
  • I have much more energy, and am clearer by far…with long hours and late into the night, and up early because I moved a week ago.
  • Chronic pain in my shoulder and neck are substantially relieved – I can use my arm again!
  • I began using the Amulet/shield 4 days before my move, and I was astounded at how much strength, and energy… I had, and still have… really, really exceptional changes have occurred with less inflammation, aches and pains, etc…
  • I just love the amulet/shield… and sleep with it too!
  • Oh, and if I am over exposed, like in a store like Costco with horrible lighting and many people, and energies, if I begin to have my ‘overload’ symptoms… they disappear within an hour.

As well, I have the large pyramid, the sleep/meditation pyramid, and 2 Quantum Cleanse Diamond orgonite in critical places in my home. They are located in my CranioSacral Therapy session room, my bedroom, and near my computer and are very clearly doing their job… I sleep deeply and wake refreshed, my clients are pleased with their sessions, and as I know them well, we’ve discussed the pieces at length ….All of the above amazing results are despite 2 smart meters on the same wall…down at the corner of the building… and the electrical panel on the room wall, and wifi upstairs.

Please note: I have been diagnosed as Electrically Sensitive and was almost housebound at one time, so for me to feel ‘safe’ with my amulet/shield in my pocket, and Zen domes in my home is really truly a Godsend. Thank you Karen Holton.  Best, Marian”


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My beneficial and beautifully designed Zen Domes are precision hand-made to perpetually stimulate health and vitality.  Good Health to You!