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January: Infinite Wellness Workshop Series.  Your well-being does not have limits.

Lunch & Lecture Series – January 16th & 23rd 12:00 noon. No Charge – Free Community Event. Bring your lunch.

Infinite Wellness Full Workshop – January 30th, 1 to 4pm, $65.00 CAD [wp_cart_button name=”January 30th Full Workshop” price=”65.00″]

Become the change we wish to see in the world, experience better health, more rewarding relationships, happiness, and success. This quantum approach is all about energy.
This 3 hour workshop covers several topics:
* What is Quantum Health Transformation and what will this program do for you?
* The Energetic Properties of Food
* Introduction to a Quantum Perspective
* The Power of Detoxification: Internal, External and Emotional

Location: MY PLACE: 115 – 5th St. Courtenay, B.C. (parking at The Filberg Centre)

Testimonial from November 14th Infinite Wellness Workshop:

I really appreciated the personal point of view from which the information is presented. It allowed for a unique and comfortable flow, so I didn’t feel lost or confused with some of the terms used. I was surprised when we realized that the end time had arrived. I, for one, could have stayed to enjoy a couple more hours of what Karen had to share. Karen’s wonderful perspective is inspiring, to say the least. I am very interested in, and look forward to attending future expansions to your workshop. Great job and thank you for sharing your story and your perspectives. Also, thank you for facilitating a non-judgemental and safe space for others to share their own perspectives or to ask questions without fear of embarrassment. L.C.
Infinite Wellness Workshop – Courtenay, B.C. Canada – November 14th 2015

Testimonial from October 23rd Infinite Wellness Workshop:

I  attended Karen’s workshop today and it was TERRIFIC.  The amazing amount of research she has done & the unique way she has put it together is unlike any other workshop I have ever taken (and I’ve taken a hell of a lot of workshops!)
Karen has another one coming up on November 14th.  Also, her workshop fees are unbelievably low given the quality of the presentation & cutting edge new bodymindspirit information she shares.  Karen also shares her remarkable “rags to riches” health story to illustrate what is possible.  I loved it.  I can’t recommend it highly enough. P.H.
Infinite Wellness Workshop – Courtenay, B.C. Canada – October 23rd 2015

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