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Sibyl Magazine: for the Spirit & Soul of Woman January 2016

Sibyl Magazine

My Quantum Health Transformation

Discovering the Flow by Karen Holton

As a late bloomer in crisis, I had no choice but to learn to go with the Flow. At the time I was nearly fifty, morbidly obese, suffering from various mental and physical afflictions and deeply unhappy.  Finally I surrendered to my spiritual awakening and chose daily practises which involve a go with the Flow attitude.

As I set out on my new path, I found that the Flow is not linear, nor is it lackadaisical or uncharted.  It required some effort on my part.  Instead of actively making my desires come true, I learned to be steadfast with my self-reflection, so I could remove the clutter I had accumulated as fears and limiting belief systems.  Universal Tender Mercy is always there to supply what we need in order to achieve our heartfelt desires, but I had to let that Mercy in and allow It to operate in Its own special way.

I had tried everything to lose weight, but each time I gained it back and more.  After experiencing morbid obesity for over thirty years, I was ready to let the light in and give up my control.  As I learned to create sacred space within myself, I learned to go with the Flow, and began to lose weight and feel much better.  Sooner than I ever dreamed possible, I shed 178 pounds, and since have maintained a healthy weight for over ten years.

Along the way I experienced set-backs and challenges, but my intention was clear, and they passed quickly and rewarded me with a surprise.  Initially when I honored my body and made more healthful choices, I began to detoxify and felt worse before I felt better.  However, once through the process, I was rewarded with clearer thinking, more energy and vitality than ever before.  This positive reward reinforced my commitment to continue to invite healthful practises into my lifestyle.

I soon learned that the unpleasant experiences and challenges I faced on route to my goals is called turbulence (quantum mechanics – chaos theory).  This is the chaotic state experienced just before manifestation.  Wavicals pulled from subatomic space (Zero Point, also known as Planck Level), have a temporary destabilizing effect as they pull energy from our reality, to create drag.  As the wavicals cease to exist in an amorphous state, they become three dimensional, creating the outcome we have chosen.

In practical terms, turbulence means things get messy – even painful before they become manifest.  So when the challenges arose, I learned to rejoice because I knew that my reward was close.  All I had to do was keep doing my best!  I summoned my courage and put aside my control in order to grasp a quantum reality with all of its benefits.  Now I am more patient with myself, continue to go with the Flow and am amazed by the outcomes!

Sibella Circle Member & Visionary Leader

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Sibyl Magazine: for the Spirit & Soul of Woman February 2016

Sybil Magazine February

My Quantum Health Transformation

The Blessed Blues by Karen Holton

Some days I feel really blue.  On these days I feel “spiritually dry”, I can’t concentrate and obsess more than a little; I also feel physically achy and exhausted.  I can’t seem to get anything productive done while I feel those inevitable yucky feelings.

These unproductive days used to really bother me, which didn’t help the situation.  Now I call them the Blessed Blues because they happen with a good purpose.  When Spiritual encouragement, energy and mental clarity seem unavailable, I get the chance to measure my “emotional noise” which accumulates because I have not taken the time to address my issues.  On more energetic days, I get a lot done but inadvertently push my issues into the background.  It seems that every now and again, I must empty my emotional “recycle bin”.

When I get the Blessed Blues, I cancel my obligations and stick to a very basic routine.  I sit or lay down and loosely examine whatever comes into my mind.  In this way, I give the neglected issues my full attention.  I deal with each issue one by one, and let whatever feelings that emerge wash over me without censorship or judgement.  Grounding and gentle body movement also help with this process.

Our built in guidance system can manifest in any part of our body as sensation or tension.  As I relinquish control to simply act and think in a way that is in accord with how I feel, this guidance system works as though on auto-pilot, freeing up energy and thought as I discard old ways of dealing with my issues.  Healthier ways to cope emerge automatically, and the tension soon dissipates.

I also found a way to overcome that “spiritually dry” feeling.  I run a hot bath and add several cups of Epsom salts, Mediterranean Sea salt, and some of my favourite essential oils.  I light a few candles, switch off the overhead light, and play some soft spiritual music in the background.  As I let the water envelope my being, I enter a state of deep relaxation and reconnect to my spiritual guides/higher self.  The combination of hot water and salts assist me to let go of tension, and I become aware of my connectedness on an energetic level.  We are not only physical but also energetic creatures, and this soothing bath energizes my being so that a natural connection to the unseen realms of love and support become consciously available again.  Once this happens, I feel better and know that everything is O.K. and that everything is going to be O.K.

I believe my body is my Spiritual Temple and regardless of how I feel in any given moment, I am worthy to protect, nourish and care for it.  The Blessed Blues give me the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.

Sibella Circle Member & Visionary Leader

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Sibyl Magazine: for the Spirit & Soul of Woman March 2016

My Quantum Health Transformation

Food Saved My Life! by Karen Holton

I dieted my way to morbid obesity.  Weighing in at 320 pounds, I felt terrible physically, mentally and spiritually.  I was always on a diet: fad diets, Weight Watchers, TOPS; but every time I lost weight, I gained it all back and more!  How ironic that when I finally learned to eat more real food, I lost 178 pounds permanently, and this saved my life.

While I was losing weight permanently, I found out that I could generate as much energy as I needed by freeing myself from chemical resistance.  Lifelong accumulations of toxins, heavy metals, and other mostly man-made chemicals “corroded” my spiritual connections so my energy was not conducted or utilized adequately.  When this happens, our Chakras cannot flow and don’t pool our energy efficiently or abundantly.

Detoxifying my body was a challenge at first; I felt like I was cleaning house for a hoarder. Eventually as I passed through the worst of it, I was able to maintain a state of well-being with a simple daily routine and healthy lifestyle.  I have a good appetite and am very grateful that real food is my friend, and I no longer need to limit amounts.

My physical, mental, and social success is rooted in my becoming aware of the true nature of food.  I found out that fresh, live, raw, organic and wild foods contain nutrients (like vitamins, minerals and enzymes), and vital moisture which contains other essential microscopic elements (like micro-minerals, crystals, gases and lipids).  Raw, organic foods contain fibre (essential for detoxification and elimination), pigments (medicinal compounds, and life energy from the sun in specific wavelengths depending on the colour), and nutrients for my gut flora (essential for emotional stability).  Let’s not forget flavour & texture which make eating very pleasurable, and the fact that real foods alkalize the body, making it disease resistant – another bonus!

I also discovered there are good reasons to eat a variety of organic and wild, non-irradiated herbs and spices.  The natural preservatives found in herbs, spices, salts & teas will prolong life and keep us well.  They guard against parasites, bacteria and viruses because they become systemic prophylactic medicines when eaten.  I learned to enjoy a wide variety of organic ethnic foods from around the world; and a variety of salts, (Mediterranean, Celtic, Himalayan, etc.) which provide the micro components needed to repair my DNA. 

When I started eating mostly live, raw, organic and wild foods, I found that my health and awareness rapidly improved.  People started to notice and my confidence soared!  Shake your food style up a bit and join me in the adventure.  The spin-off is better health, a clearer mind and a happier spirit.

By eating my way to better health, I have kept the 178 excess pounds off for ten years and am so enjoying this body!  Food saved my life.

Sibella Circle Member & Visionary Leader

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Sibyl Magazine: for the Spirit & Soul of Woman April 2016

My Quantum Health Transformation

Walk With Wisdom by Karen Holton

While permanently losing 178 pounds, I found that I could improve the way I felt, keep losing weight until I hit my healthy goal, and radically improve my fitness level by adding two easy activities to my day.

Formerly, when I weighed in at 320 pounds, I knew that physical activity was important but I lacked the discipline to follow a regimented exercise program.  I made the effort over the years: aerobics, jogging, and I even worked with a personal trainer at the gym; but I could not keep it up and felt like such a failure.

Then I found the perfect program for me.  The first thing I do is stretch before getting out of bed.  I do basic stretching poses while I am in the comfort of my bed, and in about 20 minutes, I feel energized and ready to get on with my day.  I no longer feel stiff, and now remain flexible, which makes me feel years younger.

Further, my physical, mental, and social health improved drastically when I started going for half hour walks each morning.  I like to walk in the mornings, otherwise I do not get around to it, and a simple walk in nature gives me so much more than exercise!

First of all, walking improves my cardio fitness and pulls lots of oxygen into my body healing my brain and organs.  The mild jiggling and joggling motions of my body parts move my lymph system, which unlike my blood, has no direct pump for circulation.  The easy impact of a simple walk moves the lymph system which drains toxic waste via sweat and other excretions.

When I am out in nature, I breathe in the aroma therapy given off by the plants and trees.  The freshness of the air tells my circadian and other rhythms to synchronize with the planet and I adapt better to the seasons. The plants and trees also have an uncanny ability to wick away stress and worry, and I find this an excellent opportunity to sort out my thoughts and meditate.  I become so grateful for all that I see, hear and feel while I am in nature – a perfect position for attracting success and health into my life.

While out walking, my body becomes grounded and resets to the resonant frequency of the planet and I feel so alive and connected!  The songs of birds, and the wind in the trees create a symphonic healing adventure.  Each season gives me a new perspective: Death & Renewal, Starting Over, Abundance, and Rest.  Gratitude and prayer seal my good intentions into healthy outcomes.

Where ever you live, come walk with me in spirit – even if you are at your ideal weight and feel healthy.  I have kept 178 excess pounds off for over ten years now, and am really enjoying this body!

Sibella Circle Member & Visionary Leader

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Sibyl Magazine: for the Spirit & Soul of Woman December 2016

Sibyl Magazine

My Quantum Health Transformation

My Super Powers by Karen Holton

Super powers: everyone has them but few are even aware of them.  Super powers come from within and are supplied by Source Energy, also known as Holy Spirit, which is ever present regardless of our current state of consciousness.  We do not need the assistance of religious paradigms to access this unlimited power; all we need do is to keep open to the concept by creating sacred space within.  During this often confusing shift from old paradigm to new, we experience both realities for a while.  We now notice the assistance of spiritual technologies to see us through.

Rather than learning to do something specific, new paradigm realities emerge all on their own as we remove that which is not really a part of us.  Bad programming, patriarchy, religiosity, self-doubt, and poor health can hold us back by lowering our overall resonant frequency.  Waiting within the authentic self lies everything we need to know, do, be and express.

One of our super powers is in finding and utilizing our Inner Guru.  Our Inner Guru resides as the Observer in the presence of the Now.  When we stop looking backward and forward, time becomes creative magic.  The road to mindful, conscious living is the quickest route to find our Inner Guru.  Once we become a permanent unit, our Inner Guru will reveal more super powers, as we see for ourselves what only new paradigm reality can make possible.

The first thing I learned from my Inner Guru was how to self-diagnose and repair my own self-defeating patterns of thought and behaviour, which were holding me back.  I soon became aware of “just noticeable” differences in my life; and as I became aware of these changes, I strengthened my resolve to continue with this fascinating ascension process.  The effects are always physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual – all at the same time.

I discovered the powerful influence of a biologically appropriate diet, which can include blue-green algae, seaweeds and wild plants.  They supply advanced nutrition and medicines for our bodies, but they also alter our DNA, assisting with our ascension process by raising our overall resonant frequency.

Then I discovered crystals and Zen Domes orgonite (which amplify the power and influence of crystals).  Think of crystals as beautiful, spiritual friends with diverse personalities.  They communicate on a bandwidth of hundreds of thousands of KHz – they pulse faster than the speed of light!  Further, angels are connected to specific crystal frequencies, which is why they are used as spiritual communicators.  Crystals exist on a continuum which bridge the realms of heaven and earth.

Since finding my Inner Guru, I have developed an amazing array of super powers like: becoming a channel, a shamanic healer, and have the ability to create in the abstract and bring this into our shared reality.  Work with me and let me introduce you to your Inner Guru.  Once a mind has expanded, it never goes back, and a reward within new paradigm living is super powers, which will never let you down.

Sibella Circle Member & Visionary Leader