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Sibyl Magazine: for the Spirit & Soul of Woman January 2016

Sibyl Magazine

My Quantum Health Transformation

Discovering the Flow by Karen Holton

As a late bloomer in crisis, I had no choice but to learn to go with the Flow. At the time I was nearly fifty, morbidly obese, suffering from various mental and physical afflictions and deeply unhappy.  Finally I surrendered to my spiritual awakening and chose daily practises which involve a go with the Flow attitude.

As I set out on my new path, I found that the Flow is not linear, nor is it lackadaisical or uncharted.  It required some effort on my part.  Instead of actively making my desires come true, I learned to be steadfast with my self-reflection, so I could remove the clutter I had accumulated as fears and limiting belief systems.  Universal Tender Mercy is always there to supply what we need in order to achieve our heartfelt desires, but I had to let that Mercy in and allow It to operate in Its own special way.

I had tried everything to lose weight, but each time I gained it back and more.  After experiencing morbid obesity for over thirty years, I was ready to let the light in and give up my control.  As I learned to create sacred space within myself, I learned to go with the Flow, and began to lose weight and feel much better.  Sooner than I ever dreamed possible, I shed 178 pounds, and since have maintained a healthy weight for over ten years.

Along the way I experienced set-backs and challenges, but my intention was clear, and they passed quickly and rewarded me with a surprise.  Initially when I honored my body and made more healthful choices, I began to detoxify and felt worse before I felt better.  However, once through the process, I was rewarded with clearer thinking, more energy and vitality than ever before.  This positive reward reinforced my commitment to continue to invite healthful practises into my lifestyle.

I soon learned that the unpleasant experiences and challenges I faced on route to my goals is called turbulence (quantum mechanics – chaos theory).  This is the chaotic state experienced just before manifestation.  Wavicals pulled from subatomic space (Zero Point, also known as Planck Level), have a temporary destabilizing effect as they pull energy from our reality, to create drag.  As the wavicals cease to exist in an amorphous state, they become three dimensional, creating the outcome we have chosen.

In practical terms, turbulence means things get messy – even painful before they become manifest.  So when the challenges arose, I learned to rejoice because I knew that my reward was close.  All I had to do was keep doing my best!  I summoned my courage and put aside my control in order to grasp a quantum reality with all of its benefits.  Now I am more patient with myself, continue to go with the Flow and am amazed by the outcomes!

Sibella Circle Member & Visionary Leader