Karen Holton


I used to struggle with morbid obesity, depression, chronic pain and exhaustion until I discovered powerful inner resources, and my Inner Guru!  Now I share my success, wisdom and products to assist others with their life journey.  I am especially helpful to those who are not responding well to conventional treatments, and those who may be experiencing ascension symptoms.

My journey of discovery began in 2007, and I developed the material found in this website, over the next several years.  As a result, I beat the odds and continue to thrive!  I found health, peace, sanity, joy, success and much love; I even lost 178 pounds of excess weight!  Today I continue to evolve and enjoy the life I have always wanted.  Details of my journey are featured in My Story Parts 1 & 2, and in My Quantum Blog.

Although I began my private practice in the Comox Valley, on Vancouver Island, B.C., I currently am blessed to reside in the beautiful city of Red Deer, Alberta.  In a region of rolling hills – home to Cree, Stoney and Blackfoot peoples – nearby streams and rivers, parks, trails and walkways make this a beautiful and inspiring place to connect and create.  Life is good!


The body thrives when it has a mission, and there is no greater mission than to become the change we wish to see in the world.  This is why I use a heart-centred approach to health, happiness and success, with an eclectic, love-based, harm-reduction program, based on multi-disciplined scientific and shamanic healing techniques.

In short, I am an educator, alternative practitioner, energy worker, and wellness coach.  Click here to see my unique products and to see my helpful services.

If you wish to improve your life – move toward living consciously and subscribe to my YouTube Channel and newsletterWatch my free online course called the 9 Steps to Quantum Health Transformation.  It features all aspects of my healthy lifestyle, and I am willing to share my success with you at no financial cost!

Become the change you wish to see in the world.  We can heal our planet as we heal ourselves.  We are all connected!  Together we can bring paradise back into our lives.


Since 2007, VIALS is run by owner/operator, Karen Holton: educator, alternative practitioner & wellness coach.  My experience includes lifestyle coaching, counselling, creating and implementing workshops, lectures, self-help sessions, and consciousness raising social events.  I also maintain presence on YouTube, Facebook and Google+.

In addition, I have 48+ years of personal Cannabis experience, am federally licensed for medical use since 2007, and my work experience includes:

  • North Island Compassion Club
  • AIDS Vancouver Island
  • private practice & physician referrals

My education and practice qualify me as an addiction therapist, counsellor, teacher and lifestyle coach.  No referral necessary.


In 2001 I was awarded a Diploma in Women’s Studies from North Island College, BC.  Today Women’s Studies is called Gender Studies, which is an interdisciplinary academic field that explores sociology, psychology, anthropology, media, and history, in order to research and critique societal norms of gender, race, class, sexuality, and other social inequalities.

In 2004 I was admitted to the degree of Bachelor of Social Work with Distinction at the University of Victoria, BC.  I took a generalist program focusing on sociology, psychology, addictions and family counselling.

In 2018 I became an AGLC Qualified Cannabis Worker, (Alberta, Canada).

It is your turn to heal, evolve and thrive.  Believe in your ability to succeed!  Click here to view my credentials and personal references.  My education and personal success put me in an ideal position to coach others with their well-being and spiritual evolution.  I would love to teach you how to find your own Inner Guru and assist you with your journey!        :o)


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