Remedial Energy Kits


These Remedial Energy Kits include proprietary blends of high-grade essential oils, crystal frequencies, orgone energy, and guided meditations, designed to work together to move energy and clear personal energy pathways that may be blocked by nefarious technologies.

They provide the right combination of energetic frequencies specifically designed to disable and dissolve energetic blockages of all types, which may be holding you back.

As the blockages are dissolved and removed from the energetic body, it has the chance to heal.  Heal the energetic body and the physical body recovers as a result.

Since blockages can be etheric, energetic, holographic, genetic, biologic and synthetic, it makes sense to use a non-physical, energetic approach to removal, by applying our proprietary blends of frequency-producing technologies like high-grade essential oils, crystals, orgone energy and visualization.

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1. Keep all essential oil blends away from pets.
2. Since the formulas are proprietary, before use, test the two essential oil products on a small area of your forearm for sensitivity. If you experience a rash or other discomfort, discontinue use.
3. Apply several drops of the foot oil to the bottom of clean feet before bed. Use the body spray first thing in the morning, and before doing the guided mediation. Use both until gone. Replacements are available in a larger size as a separate purchase.
4. Keep the orgone generating pyramid at bedside to benefit you while you sleep, and keep the energizing disc in your pocket, or elsewhere on your body during the day. You can sleep with it under your pillow if you like.
5. The guided meditations are available on YouTube. Be sure to like, share and subscribe to my YouTube channel: Make time to do the meditations at least once a day for 21 days.
6. Keep a journal. As the Remedial Kit does its job, things will shift for you and you will want to keep a record of how things go for you during this process. If you want one on one support, contact me through the Services section of my SHOP.

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Showing all 2 results