Comfort Crystals

Comfort Crystals: a limited edition collection of energetically infused semi-precious stones.


Ancient civilizations have worked with the energy of the Earth since the beginning of time, and today, crystals are still used every day for their inspiration and healing energy.

I have used crystals for over 50 years and have had countless customers tell me how Comfort Crystals and Zen Domes Orgonite completely shift their energy for the better.  Crystals heal the mind, body and spirit, and they can be used by themselves, (as a well-established alternative healing modality), and within other alternative healing practices.

To pick the right crystal, just let yourself be drawn to it.  Sometimes you may find one or a few which just stand out to you, and you find yourself inexplicably attracted to them.  This is your subconscious alerting you to the natural medicinal energies they emit, which are highly beneficial to you.

Like people, each crystal is unique. Selenite is powerful for calling in your angels and spirit guides, brings mental clarity and dispels negative energy from the body, while citrine is perfect for bringing in the energies for happiness and for manifesting intentions. Each stone has its own vibrational blueprint, so take the time to shop around for different types before you decide which ones are perfect for you.

We always tell our customers to focus on a crystal’s color, shape, and size first rather than its healing properties. More often than not, the crystal they are drawn to visually possesses exactly the energy they need. When it arrives, be sure to hold the crystal in your hands for a few moments so you can truly feel its energetic effect on you.