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Sibyl Magazine: for the Spirit & Soul of Woman June 2016

My Quantum Health Transformation

The Romantic Singularity by Karen Holton

Everyone loves romance; but sadly, this was missing from my life as I waited for that special somebody to come sweep me off my feet.  I believed they would create a romantic environment for me, but little did I realize that true romance comes from within.  Now I enjoy a romantic single lifestyle, custom suited to myself.

It started when I noticed women buying each other flowers and small gifts as tokens of their appreciation and platonic affection for each other.  I thought: why not pamper myself?

I began picking flowers and buying small tokens of appreciation for myself in celebration of the good life I have created.  It is so wonderful to come home to find fresh flowers, and a hot pot of my favourite tea steeping under a bright cozy.  I kick off my shoes and enjoy the little favours that I set up for myself throughout each day.

When it comes to choosing gifts for others, I rarely know what the individual truly loves and needs, but I know exactly what I want, and how I want it.  This may sound selfish but I prefer to think of it as putting myself inside, and at the centre, of my circle of care.

Since I work from home, I plan several breaks and infuse many small rewards into my day, which are so lovely to enjoy.  Each day is filled with opportunities to spoil myself with romance and comfort.  I rarely feel lonely and I have chosen kind, like-minded friends for when I do want some company.  What more could I desire?

Romance is part of the healthy lifestyle I enjoy.  I prepare ahead beautiful, healthy, and delicious meals and snacks for myself; energizing short trips to places in nature; inviting and deeply relaxing mineral baths; and quiet, comforting evenings with my kitty.

This rewarding relationship with myself developed in stages as I found routines which worked well for me.  First I found it necessary to develop an inner parent who taught me the benefits of delayed gratification, how to follow a biologically appropriate diet, and is willing to set clear boundaries to protect my inner child.  Most of all, I learned to be compassionate and forgiving of myself, which led to becoming a Romantic Singularity.

When I am ready to share romance with another, my self-reliance will go a long way to ensure that my expectations are reasonable.  I can choose to be with someone special because I genuinely like them, rather than for what they bring to the table.

Don’t wait for that special somebody to come sweep you off your feet – create a romantic environment for yourself now.  True romance comes from within, and whether you are single or not, you can enjoy a romantic lifestyle, custom suited to you.  Love yourself first, and every moment can bring joy.

Sibella Circle Member & Visionary Leader