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The Elysium Eclipse – May 2017 Newsletter Article

As above – so below.  Paradise within – paradise without.  Everything is connected. First we save ourselves, then our world ...
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Feed Your Fractal of Wellness and Success – February 2017 Newsletter Article

Wellness and success, like everything else, is fractal in nature and follows certain, discernible rhythms and cycles. Things rarely occur ...
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New Year’s Resolutions – January 2017 Newsletter Article

Let’s face it, fixing things makes us feel good.  In effect, New Year’s resolutions are an attempt to feel better ...
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Unleash Your Super Powers – October 2016 Newsletter Article

Super Powers: everyone has them but few are even aware of them.  Super powers come from within and are supplied ...
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Gut Health

Eating for Optimal Gut Health – August 2016 Newsletter Article

In my past I missed out on much of life because I didn’t feel well enough to participate.  When I ...
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Social Role Playing and Resistance – June 2016 Newsletter Article

As I work on my article to appear in the July issue of Sibyl Magazine: for the Spirit & Soul ...
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QHT: A New Health Paradigm – May 2016 Newsletter Article

In what way is Quantum Health Transformation™ a new health paradigm? In response, let me tell you what I have ...
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The Most Nutritious Food on the Planet

Raw hemp seeds are the most nutritious food in the world because they are a rich source of phytonutrients (the ...
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The Body Temple and the Spirituality of Food

The saying, “You are what you eat” is truer than some realize.  Your body is an amazing machine which is ...
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