Vancouver Island Alternative Lifestyle Services (VIALS) since 2007


When I created VIALS, I also created my dream: to be part of an organization based on a free-will concept.  People who access VIALS are free to choose their own realities and self-direct their own lives.

VIALS was originally developed to support people of alternative lifestyles, but more recently has also come to assist individuals and groups with Quantum Health Transformation.

What are some common examples of an alternative lifestyle?

  • Quantum Health (Health & Awareness Transformation)
  • Disability & Impairment
  • Quantum Consciousness
  • Medical Cannabis
  • New Paradigm & Ascension Realities
  • Esoteric Philosophy


Mainstream cultural/medical/political constructs are not healthful for many people.  More of us are now thinking “outside of the box”, and choosing our own definition of ourselves.  We are human beings who are free to choose our own realities and to be the experts in our own lives.  How?  By living consciously & by tapping into our own abundant inner resources!

Today, many people are brave enough to experiment with new roles as they escape from old patterns that just didn’t add any joy or peace or health to their lives.  I have many years of experience as an independent thinker, and I assist those wishing personal evolution with their freedom process.  I would love to assist you with your journey!

VIALS provides education and support services for those who wish to practice an alternative lifestyle.  We do not attempt to mainstream individuals of diversity; at VIALS we view diversity as an asset.  We believe in the infinite possibilities found in “outside of the box” thinking and being.


Become the change you wish to see in the world.  Healthy communities are created by people with healthy lives.  Regardless of the reality you choose, the daily practice of a positive lifestyle will rapidly improve your state of well-being.  To find out how I lost 178 pounds of extra weight, and got my life back on track click here.

Believe in your ability to succeed!  Seek pleasure for the body, happiness for the mind and joy for the spirit.  It’s your turn to heal, evolve and thrive.