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I am the change that I wish to see in the world.  I do this by following my Quantum Health Transformation program and by sharing it with everyone for free.

I take full responsibility for my circumstances and I am doing everything possible to heal myself and share what I know with the world.  I have had many challenges in life, some of which you can read about on this website under the About tab above.  My videos show my progress – I have lost 178 pounds of excess body weight, and developed an inspired, comprehensive 9 Step program, based on what I have learned.  Click here to view this free online course.

It was a challenge to create a comprehensive program which will benefit everyone regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, income level and spiritual belief system, and I believe I have done a good job.  This free online course, as featured on this website and YouTube channel, allows everyone to access the basic program.  Please assist me to continue to improve the work that I have done, and help me to get it out to everyone who wants to become the change we want to see in the world.  (We need a paradigm shift!)

Mainstream cultural/socio/political constructs are not healthful for many people.  More of us are now choosing our own definition of ourselves; we are human beings who are free to choose our own realities and to be the experts in our own lives.  How?  By living consciously & by tapping into our own inner resources!  Many people are brave enough to experiment with new roles as they escape from old patterns that just don’t add any joy, peace or health to their lives.  I have many years experience as an independent thinker, and I assist those wishing personal evolution with their freedom process, by providing education and support services.  I believe in the infinite possibilities found in “outside the box” thinking and being.

Although my health steadily improves, I am now retired, living on a limited pension, and I would deeply appreciate financial assistance to enable me to continue my work, and continue to improve my health.

Here is how you can help:

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Thank you and wishing you much love, light and vitality!