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Forbidden Knowledge News – Chris Mathieu

Forbidden Knowledge News is here to provide many experiences and resources to help you to see an alternative perspective of world events and phenomena. Amazing interviews and presentations from the most brilliant authors, researchers, doctors, scientists, experiencers, contactees, abductees, whistleblowers and much more. Thank you for LIKING, COMMENTING & SUBSCRIBING and please share on your Facebook and or social media – thanks.

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Hyper Anomalous Esoteric Research Organization – Ryan Patrick Burns – Hyper Anomalous Esoteric Research Organization podcast delves into esoteric, paranormal, and occult topics that should interest everyone. Thank you for LIKING, COMMENTING & SUBSCRIBING and please share on your Facebook and or social media – thanks.

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Happiness Medical – Ryan Patrick Burns

We offer a product my wife invented called Spyce Natural Bronze. A lotion that is the first 100% organic of it’s type with technologically infused organic Coconut oil, Aloe, and other all organic ingredients. We also offer vitamins and supplements through a friend at the bottom of the page.


Space Wolf Research LLC – Ryan Patrick Burns

Space Wolf Research LLC is a private real estate company experimenting with various research methods to detect and anticipate anomalies. It shares a fence line with the now famous ‘Old Bigelow Ranch’ in the Uintah Basin of Utah.


BeMeism – Trevor iLesley

Trevor is a Teacher, Messenger, Energy Healer and Philosopher.  Learn more about B*Me Philosophy to help you to find, feel, and be the true self, as you awaken your inner calling.  Trevor will inspire you to value yourself and your journey, to undertake the achievement of your desired goal to love who you are, here in this realm by guiding you to become whole once again, so that you may understand that you are important, and that your life has real meaning and purpose on a soul level.

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“I contacted Trevor to help me a few years ago, as I found myself deep within the Dark Night of the Soul. He was very helpful and I highly recommend him.” Karen Holton – Editor 2022

The Crystal Architect – Leigh Ann Clark

Advanced Certified Practitioner of Akashic Records, Crystal Assessments and Crystal Gridding services. The Akashic Records and the Crystal Kingdom flow well together as both realms support and create the best life for you, present information to you, answer questions you may have, and do so in the most loving ways connecting you to your higher self and to Mother Gaia energies.

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“Leigh Ann accessed the Akashic Records and Crystal Kingdom for me, and I was very impressed with her reading and follow-up session. I highly recommend her.” Karen Holton – editor 2022


Tom is a husband, father, researcher, writer, guitar hack, and experiencer of the paranormal and mystical. His own awakening and inner search for truth became the catalyst for his website Withinsideout. Where newly awakened souls can not only get a better understanding of what they could be going through, but it also includes plenty of resources and information that he continues to expand on. Helping the transition that our planet and its people are currently going through, by bringing awareness, insight and light, which is knowledge, out of the darkness from where we are emerging.

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Refine Graphics & Web Solutions
Laura Tuff
graphic design for PRINT + WEB
website solutions for small businesses
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“I hired Laura to teach me how to update, and upkeep my website.  I am very happy with her expertise and teaching style.  I highly recommend Laura for any website solutions you may need.”
Karen Holton – Editor 2019

James Tracy
Creator of the original, limited edition Zen Domes Orgonite, Visual Artist and Faux Finish Artist

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