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Forbidden Knowledge NewsChris Mathieu

Forbidden Knowledge News is here to provide many experiences and resources to help you to see an alternative perspective of world events and phenomena. Amazing interviews and presentations from the most brilliant authors, researchers, doctors, scientists, experiencers, contactees, abductors, whistleblowers and much more.

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Tom is a husband, father, researcher, writer, guitar hack, and experiencer of the paranormal and mystical. His own awakening and inner search for truth became the catalyst for his website Withinsideout. Where newly awakened souls can not only get a better understanding of what they could be going through, but it also includes plenty of resources and information that he continues to expand on. Helping the transition that our planet and its people are currently going through, by bringing awareness, insight and light, which is knowledge, out of the darkness from where we are emerging.

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Emergence of the Omniverse
Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd
author, futurist, creator of The Positive Future equation:
Positive Future = Positive Timeline + Unity Consciousness
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Laura Tuff
graphic design for PRINT + WEB
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James Tracy
Creator of the original, limited edition Zen Domes Orgonite, Visual Artist and Faux Finish Artist
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