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Sibyl Magazine: for the Spirit & Soul of Woman April 2016

My Quantum Health Transformation

Walk With Wisdom by Karen Holton

While permanently losing 178 pounds, I found that I could improve the way I felt, keep losing weight until I hit my healthy goal, and radically improve my fitness level by adding two easy activities to my day.

Formerly, when I weighed in at 320 pounds, I knew that physical activity was important but I lacked the discipline to follow a regimented exercise program.  I made the effort over the years: aerobics, jogging, and I even worked with a personal trainer at the gym; but I could not keep it up and felt like such a failure.

Then I found the perfect program for me.  The first thing I do is stretch before getting out of bed.  I do basic stretching poses while I am in the comfort of my bed, and in about 20 minutes, I feel energized and ready to get on with my day.  I no longer feel stiff, and now remain flexible, which makes me feel years younger.

Further, my physical, mental, and social health improved drastically when I started going for half hour walks each morning.  I like to walk in the mornings, otherwise I do not get around to it, and a simple walk in nature gives me so much more than exercise!

First of all, walking improves my cardio fitness and pulls lots of oxygen into my body healing my brain and organs.  The mild jiggling and joggling motions of my body parts move my lymph system, which unlike my blood, has no direct pump for circulation.  The easy impact of a simple walk moves the lymph system which drains toxic waste via sweat and other excretions.

When I am out in nature, I breathe in the aroma therapy given off by the plants and trees.  The freshness of the air tells my circadian and other rhythms to synchronize with the planet and I adapt better to the seasons. The plants and trees also have an uncanny ability to wick away stress and worry, and I find this an excellent opportunity to sort out my thoughts and meditate.  I become so grateful for all that I see, hear and feel while I am in nature – a perfect position for attracting success and health into my life.

While out walking, my body becomes grounded and resets to the resonant frequency of the planet and I feel so alive and connected!  The songs of birds, and the wind in the trees create a symphonic healing adventure.  Each season gives me a new perspective: Death & Renewal, Starting Over, Abundance, and Rest.  Gratitude and prayer seal my good intentions into healthy outcomes.

Where ever you live, come walk with me in spirit – even if you are at your ideal weight and feel healthy.  I have kept 178 excess pounds off for over ten years now, and am really enjoying this body!

Sibella Circle Member & Visionary Leader