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Sibyl Magazine: for the Spirit & Soul of Woman February 2016

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My Quantum Health Transformation

The Blessed Blues by Karen Holton

Some days I feel really blue.  On these days I feel “spiritually dry”, I can’t concentrate and obsess more than a little; I also feel physically achy and exhausted.  I can’t seem to get anything productive done while I feel those inevitable yucky feelings.

These unproductive days used to really bother me, which didn’t help the situation.  Now I call them the Blessed Blues because they happen with a good purpose.  When Spiritual encouragement, energy and mental clarity seem unavailable, I get the chance to measure my “emotional noise” which accumulates because I have not taken the time to address my issues.  On more energetic days, I get a lot done but inadvertently push my issues into the background.  It seems that every now and again, I must empty my emotional “recycle bin”.

When I get the Blessed Blues, I cancel my obligations and stick to a very basic routine.  I sit or lay down and loosely examine whatever comes into my mind.  In this way, I give the neglected issues my full attention.  I deal with each issue one by one, and let whatever feelings that emerge wash over me without censorship or judgement.  Grounding and gentle body movement also help with this process.

Our built in guidance system can manifest in any part of our body as sensation or tension.  As I relinquish control to simply act and think in a way that is in accord with how I feel, this guidance system works as though on auto-pilot, freeing up energy and thought as I discard old ways of dealing with my issues.  Healthier ways to cope emerge automatically, and the tension soon dissipates.

I also found a way to overcome that “spiritually dry” feeling.  I run a hot bath and add several cups of Epsom salts, Mediterranean Sea salt, and some of my favourite essential oils.  I light a few candles, switch off the overhead light, and play some soft spiritual music in the background.  As I let the water envelope my being, I enter a state of deep relaxation and reconnect to my spiritual guides/higher self.  The combination of hot water and salts assist me to let go of tension, and I become aware of my connectedness on an energetic level.  We are not only physical but also energetic creatures, and this soothing bath energizes my being so that a natural connection to the unseen realms of love and support become consciously available again.  Once this happens, I feel better and know that everything is O.K. and that everything is going to be O.K.

I believe my body is my Spiritual Temple and regardless of how I feel in any given moment, I am worthy to protect, nourish and care for it.  The Blessed Blues give me the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.

Sibella Circle Member & Visionary Leader