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Sibyl Magazine: for the Spirit & Soul of Woman May 2016

My Quantum Health Transformation

Spring Soul Cleaning by Karen Holton

This year, spring cleaning was more of a soul adventure as I decided to downsize, clear out the clutter and only keep the things which make my heart sing.

I was attached to so many things, and since every item held a memory and an emotion, I just couldn’t make myself part with any of it.  So I decided to give up my spacious home, filled to the brim with things which no longer served me, and move into a small apartment to simplify my life and belongings.  Drastic measures, but well worth it!

As I sorted through my belongings, I was surprised to find that I held such strong sentimental attachment to so many things which made me feel sad.  Since energy is imbued into items by the way we think and feel about them, I was inadvertently hording negative energy, and this was holding me back from the fuller life I deserve and desire.

I held onto things which caused me to miss my children when they were little, or reminded me of my many mistakes.  Failed projects, hobbies and crafts never completed – some never even started.  Why was I keeping old family relics which meant something to someone once but just collected dust now?  I spent weeks crying my eyes out as I sorted, came to terms with, and disposed of the many things which made me feel unhappy.  However; once the boxes were removed from my property, those items (which I had been storing and moving with me for years), simply no longer mattered.  I felt so light and free!

It was as though I had discovered some form of arcane magic!  I sorted through everything I owned, only keeping the things which made me feel happy, secure and comforted, and threw the rest into boxes.  A friend came to pick up load after load, which she kindly dropped off at the thrift store for me.  Once I realized how refreshing I felt after each load was gone, I got more courageous and actually came to enjoy the process.

Soon I was shedding less tears while I sorted, and I felt more confident!  Now, not only am I surrounded with comfort, but a tremendous weight has been lifted from my spirit and energetic field.  As an added bonus, I can now look for the little children I had missed so much in the faces of my now grown offspring, and this has enriched my relationship with them.

Stripping off this “material excess weight” really taught me new ways to simplify my life, dump and detoxify my negative emotions and attitudes, and set the stage for a much refreshed and renewed me. I am no longer hording negative energy and now that I have more fully reconnected to the Flow, I am enjoying the life I deserve and desire more than ever.

Sibella Circle Member & Visionary Leader