Vital Services

The body thrives when it has a mission, and there is no greater mission than to become the change we wish to see in the world. This is why I use a heart-centred approach to health and happiness. I serve your heart with a novel, eclectic, love-based, harm-reduction program, based on multi-disciplined scientific and shamanic healing techniques.

Consultation services: There are information tabs supplied for every service I offer.  To order a specific service, click the Service Procedure tab or the Our Appointment tab.

Regardless of which service you are interested in, I can introduce you to your Inner Guru, and assist you to develop your very own superpowers!  You may benefit from a single session, and if you feel the need, you may schedule more.

Most services are available via Zoom, Skype, Messenger Face Time, or email.  Advanced services are available for the alternative practitioner – keep doing what you do, but within New Paradigm space (beyond 3rd dimensional reality).  You will feel better and so will your clients.

My experience:

Now you can speak directly to someone who has personally survived, and effectively dealt with: physical, mental and sexual trauma; social alienation & abandonment; chronic, acute and critical illness; and Ascension Symptoms.  I am a champion and you can be one too.  Let me introduce you to your Inner Guru and your very own superpowers!

In addition, I have experience with E.T., Angels and Interdimensionals, and can offer you consultation and support based on my own success.

I also offer consultation and support to individuals and groups with their chosen alternative realities and lifestyles, health & recovery, weight loss, spiritual adventures, and inspiration/motivation.  For more details, check out my various services and be assured that I have personal experience in every category featured.  Click here to see my credentials and professional references.