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Sibyl Magazine: for the Spirit & Soul of Woman September 2016


My Quantum Health Transformation

New Paradigm Living by Karen Holton

Although the ascension process is challenging, new paradigm living is full of pleasant realizations and experiences.  As we leave the projected world of duality, which dominates old paradigm thinking, we discover a plethora of life enhancing options.

When confined to duality thinking, we see options of “this or that”: fat or thin, rich or poor, good or bad.  Then one day, I realized that we can have our cake and eat it too!  I can experience “this and that” – a middle ground rich with endless combinations of options.

New paradigm living no longer constrains us to “this or that” choices because we expand our concept of “having”.  The power of “and” replaces the limits of “or”.  I can have abundance and humility; excitement and vitality, or be straight and gay.  How my life did change when I started seeing my options as this and that and the other thing too!

Expanding my concept of “having” also influenced my social life.  As I meet other awakened individuals, I respond to them on a whole new level.  We form friendships of equals, kin folk, mentors, teachers, playmates, and we look up to each other with deep love and respect.

We form a global tribe.  When one of us falters, the tribe grounds the temporarily unconscious one, and guides them back to awareness.  All is calm.  Since we share abundance consciousness, there is no need for backbiting, competition or self-elevation.  Unconditional love remains constant.

Although we may rarely see each other, when we do re-connect, it is like no time has passed at all.  Throughout this global, platonic love affair, we find intimacy as we heal each other with our hugs, inspiration and alternative healing modalities.

Linear thinking is essential for success in the old paradigm, but this impairs our imagination and spiritual growth.  The ascension process is holistic and requires us to forgive and love ourselves unconditionally, and soon we begin to love and nurture our bodies.  Rather than never feeling quite good enough within the old paradigm, we now transition into complete self-acceptance: warts, bumps and all.  Humour replaces regret.

Further, spending time daily without distractions allows for self-reflection.  Although this may feel like an internal battleground for a while, it develops our imagination and we soon find clarity and balance, guidance and loving support, health and vitality.  The cure for our every challenge is waiting to be discovered within; and the more we focus on any subject, the more detail is revealed, until we eventually become adept at accessing the akashic records, also known as the living library.

Change your position in the multi-verse by transitioning to new paradigm living.  By stepping out of the duality of old paradigm thinking, we access great powers lying with the imaginative realm of infinite possibility.  Health, love, intimacy, peace, joy and self-respect await us all.

Sibella Circle Member & Visionary Leader