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Sibyl Magazine: for the Spirit & Soul of Woman October 2016

My Quantum Health Transformation

Ascension Symptoms by Karen Holton

I was sensitive to begin with, but once my ascension process kicked in, I became even more sensitive to the point where I felt like I was having physical and emotional reactions to everyone and everything.  This suffering became so intense that I was compelled to let go of my former ways of knowing and being, and then my Higher Power came to my rescue.

When life becomes so complex with undesirable thoughts, feelings and experiences, the soul bypasses the mind and joins forces directly with the body.  In the past, childbirth introduced me to the power and intelligence of my body.  This new experience was just as intense, painful and unbearable; and just like my experience with childbirth, I was forced to bear it since this process rendered my mind’s will impotent.

My suffering created a state of child-like innocence as I gave up my former belief systems.  I became filled with curiosity and wonder, combined with a sincere desire to find relief.  I had no choice but to follow the path of the Divine Fool – a place of not knowing and innocence.  A point of spiritual re-birth.

My suffering drove me to pursue well-being, and as my journey continued, addictions faded and wisdom surfaced.  I took steps toward a healthier lifestyle, and started to re-evaluate my ways of being and doing.  At first I experienced moments of relief, which encouraged me to continue.  In time moments of relief turned into hours of relief, which later became days of wellness.  Addictions, poor health, extra weight, emotional distress, anxiety and depression gradually just faded from my reality.  I still get the odd bad day, but my worst day now is better than my best day used to be.

Within my many hours of self-reflection, I pondered the cause for my suffering and realized that it was provoked by the culmination of my life’s choices.  I was responsible for the logical consequences of blindly following mainstream beliefs about pharmaceuticals, lifestyle, food – and everything else.  The universe was giving me a golden opportunity to wake up, love myself, and learn to take exquisite care of my body temple.  This process allows me to literally vibrate at a higher frequency and to activate more of my DNA.

I am responsible for my own recovery.  There is no way out of the suffering, but through it.  With the solid conviction that since I got myself into this state, I could also get myself out; I began my very spiritual journey of self-discovery.

Detoxification, experimenting with new ways of eating, learning to get in touch with my body sensation feedback system, and learning to trust myself as an authentic being – all led to my re-creation.  Now as a new being, I experience life on a new level.  Ascension symptoms only last until we make the shift to new paradigm realities.

Sibella Circle Member & Visionary Leader