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All things are connected! Find out how orgone generators work, and how they are connected with the chakras, colour spectrum, sound spectrum, crystals, our solar system and our energy system through the quantum field. Everything you ever wanted to know about orgone and your health. Thanks for liking, subscribing and sharing!

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Quantum Guides Show E22 – Kimberly Manley: ALL THINGS ORGONE!

Kimberly Manley had many strange occurrences happen to her in her life, which led to her quest for this world, and she now lives in a great spiritual journey. Kimberly loves reading/researching, dot-connecting, working with crystals, singing bowls, essential oils, bird communication, orgone making, and she is currently working on a crystal grid around the planet. As a member of Connecting Consciousness, Kimberly spreads love, and anchors in the mother goddess energies through her body, her actions, and the grid work that she is a part of, called The New Atlantis Grid. Find out more on this Quantum Guides Show!

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Sacred Geometry by Ondrej Chladek

Sacred Geometry by Ondrej Chladek

(reprinted with permission)

Before the universe came into being, there were only two things; existence, and non existence. In actuality, there was only one thing, as non existence cannot be a thing, things inherently imply existence. Thus is the void, a vast nothingness, of, well, nothing. No movement, no sound, no light, no space, no time, NO THING. But the paradox lies within this definition; if there is no thing, we must first have the notion of THING for there to be an observation of this “lack” of existence. We are here now, and we are things, thus there MUST have been some THING that existed alongside No Thing, and it must have had the qualities within it that set it apart from non existence. This Thing, as you’ve guessed, is God, Source, Singularity, Consciousness. It is EVERYTHING contained in One THING.

Sacred geometry is the study of the fundamental patterns, structures, processes and principles that are at the foundation of reality, and the application of this knowledge in the design of human social and technological systems.

Throughout nature, at all scales from micro to macro, we can see and discern patterns, structures and processes that are common to all manifestation. For example, the vortex spiral is clearly present in galaxies, in the gas clouds of planets, in our own clouds and the oceans of Earth, in hurricanes, tornadoes, in our sinks as water drains, in plants and shells, and even in the flow of hair at the back of our heads. These same patterns are also present at the micro scale in cells, DNA molecules, and in atomic structures.

The spiral is one pattern in an array of patterns, structures and processes found throughout the cosmos that combine to reveal a whole unified model of what we call a cosmic geometry—a geometry—that underlies all form and process.

Though often we can only see a small portion of this unified model, such as the vortex in the examples just mentioned, there is emerging at this time an understanding of the integrated whole system of which the vortex is a part.

Universe and the natural systems found in it are exemplary of sustainable design. For 14 billion years the cosmos has evolved without depletion of energy as a whole. Life on Earth has experienced many a radical change over millions of years, yet all in all it continues to thrive when left to its own natural evolutionary processes. And yet now the impacts of its preeminent species, human beings, are clearly affecting the balance of natural systems on this planet which are increasingly exhibiting rates of change towards instability and potential systems collapse with every scientific investigation.

Nature will eventually return to a state of balance, as it always does, but the consequences may be extremely challenging and potentially fatal for humanity and many life forms affected by these changes. It is well known that the extinction rate of species is now as much as 1000 times the natural background rate, a significant cause apparently being human impacts on ecosystems, habitat and the biosphere as a whole.

It is clear that the course we are on is not sustainable, let alone one by which we and all life can thrive. In order to address this dilemma, to course correct our trajectory, we must now embrace a paradigm shift in the understanding of what constitutes a sustainable, thriving system. The assumptions of how to design our economies, our educational and political systems, our communications media and its truly effective use, and all our human-contrived social and technological constructs, are generally based on an old and very limited perception of how life and the cosmos actually work. At a fundamental level of understanding, we humans have built our world based upon beliefs and perceptual frameworks that are grossly limited in their sustaining effectiveness simply due to the fact that they do not include a large portion of understanding about what constitutes a whole and sustainable system. We are fortunate, though, to have arrived at the threshold of awakening to a new paradigm of the fundamental perception of how cosmic design, at all scales, innately produces sustainable systems, and what the factors are—the patterns, structures, processes and principles—that comprise these systems.

In the first half of the 20th century, Buckminster Fuller began exploring a new way of understanding nature’s patterns, structures and processes which developed into one of his life’s masterworks, Synergetics: Explorations into the Geometry of Thinking. Fuller perceived that nature and the universe employ a particular set of energetic relationships that are at the foundation of nature’s coordinate system and the way nature designs organic structures and systems of high integrity and sustainability. Synergetic Geometry lays the groundwork of the paradigm shift in our understanding with a simple, yet fundamental, shift in our perceptual framework: the shift from a primarily cube-based, 90° X-Y-Z coordinate system (generally regarded as the standard by which to measure and map reality) to a 60° coordinate system wherein the tetrahedron is understood to be the fundamental structural form and the root of an elegant and synergetic integration of all geometric structures, including the cube. Our old cubic paradigm is not wrong, just grossly limited! Fuller found that by designing structures based upon synergetic geometries and principles we can increase efficiency of performance per unit of energy input quite dramatically to achieve sustainable, thriving systems.

Following the foundational groundwork of Fuller’s Synergetics, a number of pioneering researchers have begun to expand our understanding of this new paradigm, perceiving in nature the underlying processes and principles that are at play in the design of healthy living systems. One essential understanding is that nature inherently includes feedback loops in such systems, a self-reflexive process by which the system learns from its environment, adjusts accordingly to maintain balance and well-being for itself and its surroundings, and communicates back out to its environment new patterns and behaviors that exhibit these adjustments and informs the living system as a whole. The form that underlies this process is the torus.

This form can be seen literally and discerned conceptually in all natural systems, from blood cells and biological processes, to the resource exchange of plants and animals with their environment, outward to the macrocosmic realms of planets, stars and galaxies, and inward to the microcosmic elemental and atomic realms. The synergetic geometries and toroidal flow patterns appear to be fundamental to all cosmic creation.

With this greatly increased understanding of the fundamental patterns, structures, processes and principles of cosmic manifestation now emerging in consciousness we have a new    opportunity to design our human systems based upon a more whole, integrated and naturally sustainable design foundation. Here’s an example of how doing so can greatly enhance the efficiency of our technologies.

“A three-dimensional logarithmic spiral is found in the shells of mollusks, in the spiraling of tidal-washed kelp fronds, and in the shape of our own skin pores, through which water vapor escapes. Liquids and gases flow centripetally through these geometrically consistent flow forms with far less friction and more efficiency. PAX Scientific (USA) has designed fans, propellers, impellers, and erators based on this shape.

Computational Fluid Dynamics and Particle Image Velocimetry tests showed the technology’s streamlining effect can reduce energy requirements in fans and other rotors from between 10 and 85%, depending upon the application; the fan blade design also reduces noise by up to 75%. The first air-handling products scheduled for release are fans in computers, auto air-conditioners, and kitchen range hoods. The Pax streamlining principle could also lead to improvements in industrial mixers, water pumps, marine propellers, and devices for circulating blood in the body.”  Source: Biomimicry Institute,

By simply aligning the design of technologies with the       patterns and ratios that nature incorporates we are already gaining efficiencies in basic systems and technologies that clearly lead to the development of sustainable solutions.    Imagine applying this kind of knowledge to the design of all of our human systems, not just the technological ones. Imagine a media and communications system that is designed to not only broadcast information but to also provide a feedback mechanism that allows for a self-reflexive and adaptive environment of learning and exchange for all involved. With the capabilities now at hand through Internet media we can do exactly that and for the first time empower our communities to create their own news, provide vital information needed to make informed decisions, and feedback into this communication system the choices best suited to evolve into a healthy and thriving community system. The same fundamental  principle applies towards creating balanced and effective   political, educational and economic systems locally and for the world as a whole.

Sacred geometry offers a deep inquiry into this emerging field and a means to present and promote this knowledge as a foundational basis for the design of sustainable and healthy living    systems.

Humanity is challenged to shift our ways rapidly so as to tip the scales back towards a balanced and healthy planetary ecosystem. Old paradigm solutions cannot meet these challenges, and in fact are a primary contributor to the cause of the problems we face. We must now look deeply into the underlying constructs of the unified whole of nature and the universe, not only from a scientific perspective but from the innately intuitive realization that we are truly awakening to a new paradigm of unity consciousness and the intrinsic interconnectedness of all things.

The deeper study of the principles of sacred geometry causes better connection between our hemispheres. Right cerebral hemisphere, intuition and creative, simple and without      logical analysis, experiencing a perception of reality here and now as it is. Left cerebral hemisphere analyzes the contrary, in time and space, distinction, evaluates, compares and      logically examines. Perception and understanding of sacred geometry, drawing, or just watching the various shapes, the harmonization and communication of hemispheres occurring and one enters into a single type of consciousness and        perception of reality.

End of Article

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Orgone Energy by Ondrej Chladek

Orgone Energy by Ondrej Chladek

(recopied with permission)

Orgone energy was originally discovered by Austrian psychiatrist and psychologist Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) in his psychiatric work. This energy, however, has been known by different names for centuries by cultures all across the world, such as Chi or Qi. In Sanskrit it is expressed as Kundalini. Indian yoga adepts call it Prana and western cultures call it Ether or Vacuum energy, Universal life force, etc. Chi energy is an omnipresent energy, which gives birth to space-time itself, its matter content, and all the living organisms in it. The energy is of the cosmic origin and does not originate in our bodies, but the body receives this energy through our chakra system, and so it manifests itself physically.

Orgone energy consists of two components, positive orgone energy (POR = Positive Orgone) and negative energy, also called DOR energy (Deadly Orgone). Both of these components are always in balance with each other in the universe. There is abundant energy in space in various stages of quality and concentration, but the energy cannot be anywhere completely absent. It takes a form of statistically isotropic and homogeneous vacuum (quantum) turbulence and it has no weight (pure energy with no mass). This is one of the main reasons why it is very difficult to measure it by conventional techniques. However, literally everything arises naturally from this intangible field of orgone/vacuum energy. Orgone energy is the source of spin (rotation) of all things and electromagnetic and gravitational fields.

Orgone energy is attracted to concentrations of orgone energy. Unlike heat or electricity, which always show a direction from higher to lower potential, orgone energy flows from lower potential to higher potential. Entropy decreases as orgone energy is distributed more and more unevenly. However, it would be a mistake to think that the flow of orgone energy from lower to higher potential is only the reverse of the law of entropy or to try to represent these processes by thermodynamic equations by reversing the sign of the time parameter. Non-entropic orgonotic processes do not run their course mechanically; they are qualitatively entirely different from entropic processes.

They are, in fact, the processes responsible for the growth of all living things, for the process of learning, and for the evolution from simple to complex species.

In non-living nature they are responsible for the growth of clouds and storms within the atmosphere, and on a cosmic scale, for the growth of galaxies and the stars within them.

Willhelm Reich described orgone as being a vital energy that could be demonstrated visually, thermically and electroscopically. He discovered that when non organic (metal) and organic material (e.g., wood or cotton) are mixed together in layers, this mixture would act as a magnet to this energy. He created big boxes with walls made of these mixtures where he would place his patients to receive high amount of orgone energy into their bodies. Reich patients were confirmed cured of different illnesses including high advanced stages of cancer.

Dr. Reich developed several devices for the control of orgone energy. The most famous of these is the orgone energy accumulator. A closed box is formed by a system of layers of metallic and organic materials between which concentration of energy occurs. The organic layer of the orgone accumulator attracts and holds life energy from the atmosphere. The metallic layer of the orgone accumulator attracts and simultaneously repels the life energy in both directions. The organic layer re-passes the orgone energy back to the metallic layer. The metallic layer radiates the energy to the inside where it stays and has nowhere to escape.

The cloudbuster device, according to Reich’s descriptions, consists of a special movable antenna resembling a large “pipe organ”, which can be aimed at different parts of the sky. The device influences natural energy currents between the atmosphere and the ground, and when used in certain specific ways, wind and weather patterns respond accordingly. When used correctly, the device is able to cause huge changes in weather.

An orgonite can be any device that uses alternating layers of organic and non-organic materials in various settings or a mixture of catalyzed organic resin with metal shavings, particles or powders, poured into a mold. This mixture of resin and metal particles works similarly to Reich’s accumulators. Energy is repeatedly reflected by metal particles and, as a result of this process, its vibration increases. A couple of crystals can be added to the mixture for their ability to make the energy more coherent and to enhance a specific function of the orgonite. The energy is purified and it is radiated back to its surroundings as a vital healthy energy, enriched and synchronized with healing minerals contained in the orgonite mixture. Thus orgonite is basically a substance which functions as an energy transmutation device, drawing in negative life energies and EMF pollution and transmuting it into positive life energy. Orgonite does not need any external power source, so it is possible to use it practically everywhere.

End of reprint.

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Orgone Energy & Alternative Healing Therapies

Orgone energy was originally discovered by Austrian psychiatrist and psychologist Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957).  This energy has been known by different names for centuries, and by many cultures all across the world, as Chi or Qi.

In Sanskrit it is expressed as Kundalini.  Indian yoga adepts call it Prana, and western cultures call it Etheric or Zero Point energy, Universal Life Force, etc.

Chi energy is an omnipresent energy, which gives birth to space-time itself, its matter content, and all the living organisms in it. The energy is of cosmic origin, and does not originate in our bodies, but the body receives this energy through our chakra system, and so it manifests itself physically.

Orgone is programmable!  When placed on or near clients during all alternative healing modalities, it supercharges the effect of the treatment.  When imbued with specific intentions, Zen Domes orgonite will direct the flow of orgone to help manifest your desires.

Another special ability of crystals, & especially the quartz family, is that you can program the crystal with your intention, and charge it with specific energy, be it from nature or people.  The crystal will hold specific thoughts, or a quality of energy that you ask it to hold.

Since Zen Domes clear the chakras and relax the body, they promote wellness on energetic, physical, mental/emotional and spiritual levels.  When you hold, wear or keep your Zen Domes close to your body, they interact directly with your energy field and promote the healing, grounding and balancing of your life force energies, which promotes total wellness.  When placed near water, beverages and foods, they restructure the molecules, which boost their energetic values and nourishment potential.

Put your Zen Domes to work today!

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Pyramid Shape Amplifies Orgone

Pyramid literally means “fire in the middle”.

EMF and other energies are pulled into the bottom surface of the pyramid, are conducted and dispersed by the metal/s, and then are retuned by the crystals and orgone.

About a third of the way up from the bottom surface, the pyramid shape concentrates the retuned energy and orgone, as it travels up toward the top.  There it is further amplified before streaming the new, cleansed frequency and orgone, out of the top point of the pyramid.

It is now known that ancient pyramids provided clean energy, healing and intergalactic communications.

Modern pyramids of all sizes are being used for similar purposes today.

Pyramids are the most powerful shape for Zen Dome orgone generators.  The negative energy is absorbed, retuned, concentrated and then dispersed into the room.  When you place them into a grid formation, Zen Domes are exponentially effective, and protect the whole area.

So what is EMF?  Electro-Magnetic Frequencies come from cell phones, cordless phones, mobile antennas, smart meters, broadcast towers, electrical security systems and more. The higher the frequency, the greater the risk to health.  For example, microwaves are very-high-frequency (VHF) radiation, and they can pose a significant health risk.  Many cell phone towers operate in the microwave range.

There are many good reasons to grid your home with Zen Domes.

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Symbols are Energetic!

Throughout nature, at all scales from micro to macro, we can see and discern patterns, structures and processes that are common to all manifestation. For example, the vortex spiral is clearly present in galaxies, in the gas clouds of planets, in our own clouds and the oceans of Earth, in hurricanes, tornadoes, in our sinks as water drains, in plants and shells, and even in the flow of hair at the back of our heads. These same patterns are also present at the micro scale in cells, DNA molecules, and in atomic structures.

The spiral is one pattern in an array of patterns, structures and processes found throughout the cosmos that combine to reveal a whole unified model of what we call a cosmic geometry—a geometry—that underlies all form and process.

Included as sacred geometry are ancient symbols from all cultures like the pentagram and hexagram.

Sacred symbols create intention.  When placed within Zen Domes orgonite, they add intention to the energetic mix.

Your Zen Domes come already imbued with the intention of serving you for your highest good.  The crystals are fully cleansed and charged, and the symbols add further positive intentions.

On a conscious or unconscious level, every time you look at your beautiful Zen Dome, you are reminded of your worth, power and ability to succeed.

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Understanding Frequency Vibrations

Everything produces frequency vibration: colour, sound, every cell of our body and even the stones and crystals of the earth.

As humans, we sense only a very limited selection of sound/colour vibration.  Our auditory range when we are young is about 20 Hz to 20 KHz.

Crystals produce a frequency vibration.  For example, the bandwidth of clear quartz is 786,000 KHz, (which pulses faster than the speed of light).  Although we do not detect this frequency with our physical senses, this does not negate the powerful influence of the energetic frequency vibrations of everything around us.

As an introduction to this concept, I look to one of the pioneers in this field, Dr. Masaru Emoto.  Many are familiar with his experiments with words and how they affect the structure of water.

In his book “Water Crystal Healing: Music & Images to Restore Your Well-being”, (2006) Dr. Emoto tells us about his experiments with music, and how these vibrations affect water crystals in a profound way.

Dr. Emoto states, “Music with the appropriate rhythm, tempo, tone, and melody can correct distorted frequencies within our cells, assisting our health and healing”. On the following pages please read the Introduction from his book to learn how, in the same manner as music, the crystals found in Zen Domes Orgone Generators affect your environment and your well-being. To learn more about the positive influential frequencies produced by Zen Domes Orgonite, click here.

Republished with permission from Dr. Masaru Emoto.


What If There Were No Music?

What if there were no music at all in this world? can you imagine such a development? No music, no concerts, no records, no karaoke, no CDs. No songs to sing. No music programs on the radio or television. It’s difficult to even imagine. Without music, the world would be a boring place. Just thinking about such a world makes me depressed and stressed. Music has become such an integral part of our daily life that we can’t live without it.

What Is Music?

In Japanese, we write the word music as “enjoyment” of “sounds”. What is a sound? A sound invariably occurs wherever there is a vibration, so we could say that a sound is a vibration. (Although humans only hear sounds generated by vibrations between 15 Hz and 20,000 Hz, which are called audible sounds, all vibrations emit sounds.)

What, then, is a vibration? It is energy itself, moving through matter. As waves of energy disturb particles of matter, the particles move, like floating balls on water, going up and down with the wave pattern.

Music, then, is an art form through which we experience vibrations, which is actually energy itself.

The Symphony Inside Our Body

Our body is composed of upwards of 100 trillion cells. Surprisingly, the vibration of each cell is slightly different from those of other cells. This means that each cell is generating a slightly different sound. With so many cells in our body, if we could use a high-quality microphone to collect all these sounds, we would hear a great symphony that is constantly being played inside our body.

In my research of vibrations within the body, I have found that the origin of any disease is a disturbance in the frequency within each cell. We could say that the more harmonious and the more beautiful our body’s symphony is, the healthier both the body and mind should become. Conversely, when discordant vibrations increase, our body and mind will turn negative and finally a disease will become manifest. For this reason, great doctors of “the good ol’ days” were able to find abnormalities in the body of a patient with only the help of a stethoscope.

Controlling a Vibration with Another Vibration

It is not difficult to restore a distorted sound to its normal state: one can simply measure the wave form of the existing sound, shift its phase ninety degrees (that is, curving “down” where the original is curving “up”), and then play it alongside the original sound. The distorted sound will be cancelled out and no sound will be heard. This technology has already been applied to reduce the noise generated from the engine of a car.

The reason that we need music resides in this principle. The stresses of modern society distort the vibrations of the cells in our body. To assist these distorted vibrations in returning to normal, we choose music – vibrations – with the right rhythm, tempo, tone, and melody to cancel out the distortion. For this reason, music has been our companion since the dawn of human history, in many different forms, and continues to give us healing effects.

“Seeing” Music

Music is meant to be heard. But using the technique of water-crystal photography that I developed years ago, it is possible to “see” music. It works in the following manner: a water crystal is a geometrical design shaped by a vibration and a sound is a vibration. So if you listen to a piece of music and look at the water crystal created by the vibration of that music simultaneously, you can “see” the vibrational pattern of the music in the crystal and absorb all the vibrations into your body through your eyes and ears.

Music Therapy

Organs and diseases have measurable hado, a subtle form of energy that is easily transmittable and present in all things. In English, hado translates as “wave motion” or “vibration.” In the near future, as research progresses, the hado associated with all organs and diseases will become clear and widely understood. Then, it will become possible to compose music that has vibrations and rhythm corresponding to a certain organ or disease – for example, a piece of music that can cancel the hado of liver cancer.

I imagine that, at some future time, the technology to help people absorb beneficial vibrations will be widely adopted. When that day comes, a water-crystal representation of a piece of music will be placed on the music’s packaging, and listeners will be able to enjoy music that is composed of the vibrations that are most beneficial to them. They will select music with the water-crystal image they are most attracted to at that moment and will receive healing effects from “seeing” as well as “hearing” the vibration. While enjoying music, listeners can not only reduce their diseases but also prevent them.

This Music Series

Until such a day arrives, I have collected these pieces of classical music, which my research has shown to produce beautiful crystals that suggest healing and well-being.

I’d like to describe the process of this research. We start with the premise that water has an ability to memorize various kinds of information. Because music is an assemblage of vibrations, it can be said that the difference in separate pieces of music is the difference in vibration. Water-crystal photography is a technique that can express the quality of each piece of music with a visual image. The water-crystal photographs in this collection of music were taken after each piece of music contained in the CD was plated to distilled water. Here is a brief explanation of how we do this:

  • First, we play each piece of music with a set of speakers to the vial filled with distilled water.
  • We place about 1mL of the water sample onto each petri dish. We do this with fifty dishes for each water sample.
  • We freeze the water contained in the fifty petri dishes at a temperature of -25 to -30 degrees centigrade.
  • Illuminating the frozen ice on each petri dish under a light microscope, we observe each water crystal and take sequence photographs with a magnification of 100X to 200X. These observations and photographs are made inside a large, cold room at -5 degrees centigrade.

It is the tip of the frozen and expanded ice that produces a water crystal. The ice block that is taken out of the freezer melts gradually because of the temperature difference and the light from the microscope. At this moment, the water crystal at the tip of the ice clock shows the expression of water that has resonated with each beautiful pieces of music. The technique of water-crystal photography can capture this moment as a picture. We continue to take beautiful images that complement each selection of excellent music we test.

But that is not all. The next step is to measure the hado contained in a water-crystal photograph. Let me explain how I came to measure the hado of photographs. For over fifteen years, I have successfully used a hado-measuring device, called a Magnetic Resonance Analyzer (MRA), to measure the characteristics of hado and adjust the balance of the human energy field. To do a hado measurement on a person, the client places his or her palm on the MRA’s measuring plate. I have found that if the client cannot be there in person, a photograph of the client works equally well in getting a hado measurement. Once the hado has been assessed, we can transfer to water a hado that counteracts any negative hado generated with the MRA. This is possible because water can memorize the hado, which is a vibration. The client then drinks the hado water, which corrects the disturbance in his or her energy balance, activates immunity, and facilitates self-healing power.

Now, let’s return to music. When we began to measure the hado of a piece of music, we found it difficult to do so directly, because music has no visible form. However, it became possible to measure the hado of music by measuring the hado of the water-crystal photographs of water that was exposed to the pice of music. By combining the water-crystal photography and hado-measuring techniques, the healing effects of music become very clear and concrete.

My associates and I exposed water to pieces of music, observed the resulting water crystals, and took photographs. At the same time, we measured characteristics of the hado of each photograph with the MRA. Based on the hado data, we could infer the potential healing effects of each piece of music in terms of its hado effect.

In our experiments, we used timeless pieces of music that have resonated well with people for many years. Accompanying the photographs is a brief history of each music selection and its composer so that you can connect with the emotions and hado of the original composer while you fully enjoy the music.

To use this book and CD set, please read each piece’s history and hado qualities first and then enjoy both the lovely music and the corresponding beautiful water-crystal photographs. As you do so, visualize each organ in your body, as described in the commentary, with great appreciation for the organ. The concentration of consciousness created by visualizing each organ and the wonderful, beneficial synthesis between seeing and hearing can impart healing effects unlike any you have previously experienced.

End of Introduction. For more information about the science behind the work of Dr. Emoto, click here.

In like manner, the crystals contained in the Zen Domes Orgonite matrix have a profound effect on the naturally occurring salts and fluids found in the body.