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Orgone Energy & Alternative Healing Therapies

Orgone energy was originally discovered by Austrian psychiatrist and psychologist Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957).  This energy has been known by different names for centuries, and by many cultures all across the world, as Chi or Qi.

In Sanskrit it is expressed as Kundalini.  Indian yoga adepts call it Prana, and western cultures call it Etheric or Zero Point energy, Universal Life Force, etc.

Chi energy is an omnipresent energy, which gives birth to space-time itself, its matter content, and all the living organisms in it. The energy is of cosmic origin, and does not originate in our bodies, but the body receives this energy through our chakra system, and so it manifests itself physically.

Orgone is programmable!  When placed on or near clients during all alternative healing modalities, it supercharges the effect of the treatment.  When imbued with specific intentions, Zen Domes orgonite will direct the flow of orgone to help manifest your desires.

Another special ability of crystals, & especially the quartz family, is that you can program the crystal with your intention, and charge it with specific energy, be it from nature or people.  The crystal will hold specific thoughts, or a quality of energy that you ask it to hold.

Since Zen Domes clear the chakras and relax the body, they promote wellness on energetic, physical, mental/emotional and spiritual levels.  When you hold, wear or keep your Zen Domes close to your body, they interact directly with your energy field and promote the healing, grounding and balancing of your life force energies, which promotes total wellness.  When placed near water, beverages and foods, they restructure the molecules, which boost their energetic values and nourishment potential.

Put your Zen Domes to work today!