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Understanding Frequency Vibrations

Everything produces frequency vibration: colour, sound, every cell of our body and even the stones and crystals of the earth.

As humans, we sense only a very limited selection of sound/colour vibration.  Our auditory range when we are young is about 20 Hz to 20 KHz.

Crystals produce a frequency vibration.  For example, the bandwidth of clear quartz is 786,000 KHz, (which pulses faster than the speed of light).  Although we do not detect this frequency with our physical senses, this does not negate the powerful influence of the energetic frequency vibrations of everything around us.

As an introduction to this concept, I look to one of the pioneers in this field, Dr. Masaru Emoto.  Many are familiar with his experiments with words and how they affect the structure of water.

In his book “Water Crystal Healing: Music & Images to Restore Your Well-being”, (2006) Dr. Emoto tells us about his experiments with music, and how these vibrations affect water crystals in a profound way.

Dr. Emoto states, “Music with the appropriate rhythm, tempo, tone, and melody can correct distorted frequencies within our cells, assisting our health and healing”. On the following pages please read the Introduction from his book to learn how, in the same manner as music, the crystals found in Zen Domes Orgone Generators affect your environment and your well-being. To learn more about the positive influential frequencies produced by Zen Domes Orgonite, click here.

Republished with permission from Dr. Masaru Emoto.


What If There Were No Music?

What if there were no music at all in this world? can you imagine such a development? No music, no concerts, no records, no karaoke, no CDs. No songs to sing. No music programs on the radio or television. It’s difficult to even imagine. Without music, the world would be a boring place. Just thinking about such a world makes me depressed and stressed. Music has become such an integral part of our daily life that we can’t live without it.

What Is Music?

In Japanese, we write the word music as “enjoyment” of “sounds”. What is a sound? A sound invariably occurs wherever there is a vibration, so we could say that a sound is a vibration. (Although humans only hear sounds generated by vibrations between 15 Hz and 20,000 Hz, which are called audible sounds, all vibrations emit sounds.)

What, then, is a vibration? It is energy itself, moving through matter. As waves of energy disturb particles of matter, the particles move, like floating balls on water, going up and down with the wave pattern.

Music, then, is an art form through which we experience vibrations, which is actually energy itself.

The Symphony Inside Our Body

Our body is composed of upwards of 100 trillion cells. Surprisingly, the vibration of each cell is slightly different from those of other cells. This means that each cell is generating a slightly different sound. With so many cells in our body, if we could use a high-quality microphone to collect all these sounds, we would hear a great symphony that is constantly being played inside our body.

In my research of vibrations within the body, I have found that the origin of any disease is a disturbance in the frequency within each cell. We could say that the more harmonious and the more beautiful our body’s symphony is, the healthier both the body and mind should become. Conversely, when discordant vibrations increase, our body and mind will turn negative and finally a disease will become manifest. For this reason, great doctors of “the good ol’ days” were able to find abnormalities in the body of a patient with only the help of a stethoscope.

Controlling a Vibration with Another Vibration

It is not difficult to restore a distorted sound to its normal state: one can simply measure the wave form of the existing sound, shift its phase ninety degrees (that is, curving “down” where the original is curving “up”), and then play it alongside the original sound. The distorted sound will be cancelled out and no sound will be heard. This technology has already been applied to reduce the noise generated from the engine of a car.

The reason that we need music resides in this principle. The stresses of modern society distort the vibrations of the cells in our body. To assist these distorted vibrations in returning to normal, we choose music – vibrations – with the right rhythm, tempo, tone, and melody to cancel out the distortion. For this reason, music has been our companion since the dawn of human history, in many different forms, and continues to give us healing effects.

“Seeing” Music

Music is meant to be heard. But using the technique of water-crystal photography that I developed years ago, it is possible to “see” music. It works in the following manner: a water crystal is a geometrical design shaped by a vibration and a sound is a vibration. So if you listen to a piece of music and look at the water crystal created by the vibration of that music simultaneously, you can “see” the vibrational pattern of the music in the crystal and absorb all the vibrations into your body through your eyes and ears.

Music Therapy

Organs and diseases have measurable hado, a subtle form of energy that is easily transmittable and present in all things. In English, hado translates as “wave motion” or “vibration.” In the near future, as research progresses, the hado associated with all organs and diseases will become clear and widely understood. Then, it will become possible to compose music that has vibrations and rhythm corresponding to a certain organ or disease – for example, a piece of music that can cancel the hado of liver cancer.

I imagine that, at some future time, the technology to help people absorb beneficial vibrations will be widely adopted. When that day comes, a water-crystal representation of a piece of music will be placed on the music’s packaging, and listeners will be able to enjoy music that is composed of the vibrations that are most beneficial to them. They will select music with the water-crystal image they are most attracted to at that moment and will receive healing effects from “seeing” as well as “hearing” the vibration. While enjoying music, listeners can not only reduce their diseases but also prevent them.

This Music Series

Until such a day arrives, I have collected these pieces of classical music, which my research has shown to produce beautiful crystals that suggest healing and well-being.

I’d like to describe the process of this research. We start with the premise that water has an ability to memorize various kinds of information. Because music is an assemblage of vibrations, it can be said that the difference in separate pieces of music is the difference in vibration. Water-crystal photography is a technique that can express the quality of each piece of music with a visual image. The water-crystal photographs in this collection of music were taken after each piece of music contained in the CD was plated to distilled water. Here is a brief explanation of how we do this:

  • First, we play each piece of music with a set of speakers to the vial filled with distilled water.
  • We place about 1mL of the water sample onto each petri dish. We do this with fifty dishes for each water sample.
  • We freeze the water contained in the fifty petri dishes at a temperature of -25 to -30 degrees centigrade.
  • Illuminating the frozen ice on each petri dish under a light microscope, we observe each water crystal and take sequence photographs with a magnification of 100X to 200X. These observations and photographs are made inside a large, cold room at -5 degrees centigrade.

It is the tip of the frozen and expanded ice that produces a water crystal. The ice block that is taken out of the freezer melts gradually because of the temperature difference and the light from the microscope. At this moment, the water crystal at the tip of the ice clock shows the expression of water that has resonated with each beautiful pieces of music. The technique of water-crystal photography can capture this moment as a picture. We continue to take beautiful images that complement each selection of excellent music we test.

But that is not all. The next step is to measure the hado contained in a water-crystal photograph. Let me explain how I came to measure the hado of photographs. For over fifteen years, I have successfully used a hado-measuring device, called a Magnetic Resonance Analyzer (MRA), to measure the characteristics of hado and adjust the balance of the human energy field. To do a hado measurement on a person, the client places his or her palm on the MRA’s measuring plate. I have found that if the client cannot be there in person, a photograph of the client works equally well in getting a hado measurement. Once the hado has been assessed, we can transfer to water a hado that counteracts any negative hado generated with the MRA. This is possible because water can memorize the hado, which is a vibration. The client then drinks the hado water, which corrects the disturbance in his or her energy balance, activates immunity, and facilitates self-healing power.

Now, let’s return to music. When we began to measure the hado of a piece of music, we found it difficult to do so directly, because music has no visible form. However, it became possible to measure the hado of music by measuring the hado of the water-crystal photographs of water that was exposed to the pice of music. By combining the water-crystal photography and hado-measuring techniques, the healing effects of music become very clear and concrete.

My associates and I exposed water to pieces of music, observed the resulting water crystals, and took photographs. At the same time, we measured characteristics of the hado of each photograph with the MRA. Based on the hado data, we could infer the potential healing effects of each piece of music in terms of its hado effect.

In our experiments, we used timeless pieces of music that have resonated well with people for many years. Accompanying the photographs is a brief history of each music selection and its composer so that you can connect with the emotions and hado of the original composer while you fully enjoy the music.

To use this book and CD set, please read each piece’s history and hado qualities first and then enjoy both the lovely music and the corresponding beautiful water-crystal photographs. As you do so, visualize each organ in your body, as described in the commentary, with great appreciation for the organ. The concentration of consciousness created by visualizing each organ and the wonderful, beneficial synthesis between seeing and hearing can impart healing effects unlike any you have previously experienced.

End of Introduction. For more information about the science behind the work of Dr. Emoto, click here.

In like manner, the crystals contained in the Zen Domes Orgonite matrix have a profound effect on the naturally occurring salts and fluids found in the body.