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Symbols are Energetic!

Throughout nature, at all scales from micro to macro, we can see and discern patterns, structures and processes that are common to all manifestation. For example, the vortex spiral is clearly present in galaxies, in the gas clouds of planets, in our own clouds and the oceans of Earth, in hurricanes, tornadoes, in our sinks as water drains, in plants and shells, and even in the flow of hair at the back of our heads. These same patterns are also present at the micro scale in cells, DNA molecules, and in atomic structures.

The spiral is one pattern in an array of patterns, structures and processes found throughout the cosmos that combine to reveal a whole unified model of what we call a cosmic geometry—a geometry—that underlies all form and process.

Included as sacred geometry are ancient symbols from all cultures like the pentagram and hexagram.

Sacred symbols create intention.  When placed within Zen Domes orgonite, they add intention to the energetic mix.

Your Zen Domes come already imbued with the intention of serving you for your highest good.  The crystals are fully cleansed and charged, and the symbols add further positive intentions.

On a conscious or unconscious level, every time you look at your beautiful Zen Dome, you are reminded of your worth, power and ability to succeed.