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Crystals are Alive and Piezoelectric!

“Whatever form they take, the crystalline structure of these stones absorbs, conserves, focuses, and emits energy, especially on the electromagnetic waveband.  And because crystals are such efficient energy-enhancers and space-clearers, by gridding them, you can create a safe space to live, love, work and play.”  Judy Hall, author of the Crystal Bible 2

When crystals are combined with metals and organic resin, they become electrically polarized.  This causes a piezoelectric effect, which greatly increases the influence and cleansing properties of the crystals.

A distinctive quality of the quartz crystal is its ability to clear/wash/purify the energy around it. This is why, you can place any item close to it, (I.e., jewellery, other crystals, etc.), and they are energetically cleansed within hours.

Another special ability of quartz is that you can program the crystal with your intention, and charge it with specific energy, be it from nature or people.  The crystal will hold specific thoughts, or a quality of energy that you ask it to hold.

To charge it with energy from nature, expose the crystal to any natural spot.  The crystal will absorb and carry that energy for you.

Have you been amazed by how modern technology can store vast amounts of data into one tiny little micro-chip?  All of that information is stored in a tiny quartz crystal!

Since Zen Domes contain clear quartz and other crystals, they too can be personalized and programmed.

Clear quartz is considered the Universal Crystal, and due to its cleansing properties, it self-cleans and purifies the other crystals bound up with it in the orgonite matrix.

I recommend exposing them to sunshine and a natural environment once in a while to keep them robust, and of course you can program your Zen Dome with your own intentions any time you wish.

Every crystal has its own unique resonant frequency, and healing potential.  Whether used by themselves, or in combination with other crystals, Zen Domes orgone generators are the perfect addition to the home, vehicle and work spaces.

Further, sacred symbols are included in every one, to fine-tune the intention.  Zen Domes are ideal for gridding your home.

Want a more fulfilling, abundant life?  Get Zen Domes working for you today!