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Why You Want Genuine Zen Domes Orgonite

To qualify as a Zen Dome, the orgone generator must be precision-made, beautiful, and as unique as possible.  Only the most effective orgonite is selected to become a Zen Dome.  Most are designed by myself and are hand-made to order by a personal friend of mine.

In addition, all Zen Dome orgone generators are energetically double charged.  Through a process called, “Quantum Entanglement”, I personally infuse each one with the intention of giving you the best results possible for your highest good. I also charge and activate the crystals within.

Zen Dome Orgone Generators are never mass produced in a factory.  They are hand-made by a small family, which has been vetted to ensure safe working conditions, adequate pay, and that they adhere to universal humanitarian ethics.  We have become good friends.

Before they are sold, every Zen Dome is inspected, washed & polished dry, smudged with sacred smoke, blessed with intention (Quantum Entanglement), and then they are set in the sun while exposed to healing frequency music.  Once you receive the designs you most desire, your Zen Dome Orgone Generators will attune themselves to your life force energy, producing maximum effect.  As a result, Zen Domes are created in small batches, and each design is available in limited supply.

Zen Domes provide orgone generating technology to give you an edge so you get more of what you want out of life!

Zen Domes also provide the added influential properties of a variety of crystals to improve your health and circumstances.  As the quartz & other crystals emit their specialized healing frequency, they stimulate the vibration more intensely.  They literally emit an inaudible symphony of healing vibrations, which clear the chakras as they relax the body, and interact with the natural crystals (salts) found in our blood and body tissues.  Some Zen Domes also feature angels, sacred geometry and other inspirational symbols.  See my article entitled “Symbols are Energetic!”