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Zen Domes & Quantum Entanglement – April 2017 Newsletter Article

To understand how Zen Domes can be activated through quantum entanglement, it is important to understand how our physical and energetic senses work.

The first level involves our 7 physical senses which are connected/governed by the primary Chakras:

  1. Root (red) – Nose (smell)
  2. Sacral (orange) – Mouth (taste)
  3. Solar Plexus (yellow) – Eyes (vision)
  4. Heart (green) – Skin (touch)
  5. Throat (blue) – Ears (hearing)
  6. Third Eye (indigo) – Gut (gut reaction)
  7. Crown (violet) – Consciousness (state of joy or bliss) & gateway to second set of energetic Chakras.

Chakras are activated from the root upwards, and when all of the physical chakras are fully open and activated, you will know because you will feel a sense of great joy or bliss.  The bliss state opens up and activates the next 7 chakras, which allow the following senses to become possible:

8th Root (red) – Retro cognition (knowledge of past events; also past life memories)

9th Sacral (orange) – Mediumship (communication between non-corporeal beings and living human beings; I.e., channeling and lucid dreaming)

10th Solar Plexus (yellow) – Clairvoyance (perceiving things or events in the mind; intuitive sight, and data “seen” via colours, images, visions, dreams, & symbols; access to the Akashic Records/Living Library; I.e., through channeling and lucid dreaming)

11th Heart (green) – Psychometry (discover facts about an event or person by touching inanimate objects associated with them)

12th Throat (blue) – Telepathy (communication of thoughts or ideas by means other than the known physical senses; person to person; animal communication; plant communication; CE5)

13th Third Eye (indigo) – Precognition (foreknowledge of an event) – Details of the future are not set but we can see possibilities, and have the choice to course correct in the now & influence the future

14th Crown (violet) – Telekinesis/Law of Attraction (ability to create – bring into existence something which we desire; involves keylontic science – the science of ascension and goes well beyond quantum string theory.

The fun really begins with the next third-level 7 chakras (known as Star Gates), which allow for quantum entanglement, the ability to be in two (or more) places at once, and much more.  So how do Zen Domes orgonites fit into this?

When you spend time with your Zen Domes in healing/sacred ritual, you are using them in unconventional ways to stimulate the imagination, which awakens and opens 3rd level chakras (Star Gates).  This allows for quantum entanglement.  The more you practice, the stronger these connections become, and the more healing is possible.  Once you activate your Zen Domes in the recommended grid-like fashion, quantum entanglement becomes possible.  In this grid, you may also wish to add to your collection of Zen Dome orgonites and other sacred objects like crystals, sea shells, candles, smudging tools, etc. to create sacred space.  The more time you spend using, and meditating with these sacred objects while visualizing your healing outcome & desires, the more the quantum bonds are created and strengthened.

When we share sacred space with these objects, we are also activating 5th and 6th dimensional reality where neither time nor space exist.  We can go back and heal the “past” or create the future of our dreams by visualizing what we want more of, in the Now.  This is yet another way to create Heaven on Earth – literally.

Let’s look at how to use Zen Dome orgonites to facilitate our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level senses.  Start with the primary physical senses.  Our goal is to be able to reach a state of joy or bliss by opening and clearing our primary 7 chakras.  In this way, we are activating the Light Body within.

If you have not done so already, activate your Zen Domes by arranging them in a grid-like fashion along with your favourite crystals, seashells, etc., and then use your wand to connect them energetically to each other.  Remember the grid is actually spherical in shape so remember to ground it to Mother Earth below and Mother/Father God above.  Visualize the connections as you link everything into one sphere shaped mass of your own white light energy.  Create some clock-wise spirals above the grid to super-charge them with your unique energetic signature.

This ritual should be done at least once, when you first receive your Zen Dome orgonite/s, and can be repeated as often as you like.  Hopefully you have both of the Zen Dome orgonite wands to help you charge your grid.  If not, use a raw clear quartz crystal as a wand.  Now you are ready to initiate quantum entanglement with your Zen Domes.

Use the Zen Dome Balancing Wand first to restore grounding and balance to your primary 7 chakras by directing the wand in gentle clock-wise spiral-like motions at each of your 7 chakra points.  Start at the bottom with your Root Chakra, and work your way up.  You will know when each chakra is open and flowing freely by the sensations you feel while energizing with the wand.  After you have charged the Crown Chakra, return to re-energize your Root Chakra (this completes the circuit).

Now repeat this procedure with the Zen Dome Healing Wand on all of your primary Chakras.  Once you have opened and activated your 7 primary chakras which govern your physical body, hold the Balancing Wand in your left hand and the Healing Wand in your right.  Relax as you hold them, tip down, touching the front of your thighs.  Hold this position until you feel the energy flowing through your arms and legs, then your torso regions.

When you feel the energy flowing freely throughout your body, you can put your wands down.  If you only have one Zen Dome Wand, use this and take turns using left and then the right hand to hold it.  Afterwards, recharge your wands by placing them so that they are touching each other.  They will recharge each other overnight.

Once you have fully activated your primary 7 chakras, the next 7 energetic chakras will automatically become activated once you learn to find the sacred state of Joy or Bliss.  This does not mean you have to stay high on life all of the time.  One moment of Joy per day will do the trick since there is no time or space limiting the Light Body.  We are pleasure seeking beings and the body will remember and desire more of the Joy/Bliss state.

Now you will begin to experience “just noticeable differences” in your life as you become aware of more than you ever thought was possible.  Your healing rituals produce better results and your life takes on a magical quality.  Enjoy!