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Convergence with Karen Holton E12 – April 6th, 2021

Now that you know how to stop poisoning yourself, and you have all the information you need to detoxify your body and your mind, it is time to move on to Quantum Health Transformation Step 4, which is designed to help you to achieve a new level of wellbeing, and to detoxify and become free of the negative influences of the social/political/economic construct.

Convergence with Karen Holton – LIVE every Tuesday 8 PM UK, 3 PM Eastern, 1 PM Mountain, Mid-Day Pacific at Find out how the personal is political as we explore the politics here on Earth, the exopolitics of our galaxy, and how they intersect with spiritual transformation, through my unique perspective.

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Quantum Health Transformation V.3.0 Step 4

Designed for those who wish to raise awareness, and improve their learning sources and outcomes.

  • provides another layer of detoxification through an exploration of our learning influences
  • upskills knowledge and understanding about how changes to external and internal dialogue create a shift in perception, which assists you to speak your truth with amazing outcomes
  • provides an understanding of quantum heuristics, to better plot your life course, and increase positive outcomes

Click here to download this easy to read, beautifully illustrated, 24 page PDF copy of Quantum Health Transformation V.3.0 Step 4 Understanding the Power of Heuristics & Speaking Your Truth.

Note: each Step has at least two videos of the same name. The VIDEO TUTORIAL features the details found in the PRIMER, and the other is a LIVE VIDEO WORKSHOP, which features the online workshop illustrating the points from the VIDEO TUTORIAL with my own life experiences and the experiences of my students. They are meant to work together so please watch both to fully benefit from this course. The VIDEO TUTORIALS are done in narrated slide show format.

Quantum Health Transformation V.3.0 Advanced Training for Healers and Alternative Health Practitioners Step 4 Blue: Understand the Power of Heuristics – Know Your Truth & Speak Your Truth Video Tutorial.

Quantum Health Transformation V.3.0 Advanced Training for Healers and Alternative Health Practitioners Step 4 Blue: Understand the Power of Heuristics – Know Your Truth & Speak Your Truth Video Workshop.

Quantum Health Transformation 2.0 Step 4 Live Workshop

In this LIVE Workshop (2015) I will show you, through my own life experience, how the lessons from the QHT 2.0 Step 4 Primer video work in practical terms. Once we recognize healthful patterns, we can distinguish between denial, and transformational affirmation which builds confidence, commitment and faith. See how I tackled my own obesity issues and debt recovery while illustrating a doable harm reduction strategy. See how changes to internal and external dialog bring about actions which lead to total commitment and strong faith – the kind that moves mountains. Join me, Karen Holton, for this FREE online course!

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The Elysium Eclipse – May 2017 Newsletter Article

Health Wellness coaching Victoria BC

As above – so below.  Paradise within – paradise without.  Everything is connected.

First we save ourselves, then our world transforms into paradise.  The Elysium Fields are not a physical plot of land.  They are fields of energy, and they are here for us to use, shape, and create.

We are imaginative, creative artists.  Our medium is frequency and our masterpiece is our energetic signature.  This energy signature is a symphony of impulses from every cell in your body, and every thought and feeling you have habit to hold.  This is your overall resonant frequency.

Our canvas is the standing scalar waves which shape that which we create.  Like a spiral, these waves hold their form (as influenced by our resonant frequency and desires), for longer and longer until we start to notice, and our awareness expands.  When we discover “just noticeable differences” we then add intention and belief (faith) to direct and accelerate the outcome.

Many of us are fortifying the Elysium Fields as we forget about the old paradigm and focus on the new.  The old paradigm replicates itself through language, traditions, customs and beliefs.  It is also through language that we introduce new paradigm concepts.  Later, as we bypass language and rely more on sensing energetic patterns, the new paradigm emerges.

The Elysium Fields are the New Paradigm, and it eclipses the old world order for a while as we experience the mass ascension of humans and all living things.  A new reality is born.

All of this is possible as we stop looking outside of ourselves for solutions and answers.  When we learn to love and forgive ourselves, we tend to our own issues through life experience and self-reflection.  As we turn away from academic/religion-based experts, we discover the internal expert self.  All things become possible.

Paradise within now becomes reality as we develop more patience with ourselves, and take responsibility for our mental, physical and spiritual health.  We re-create ourselves on our own terms.

In essence, the Gospel according to Mary Magdalene, tells us the same thing.  She taught me that the way to spiritual health is to create comfort for the body, happiness for the mind and joy for the spirit (light body).

When we achieve this balance, our overall resonant frequency improves, and all of our chakras open up and spiritual bliss occurs.  In this state, we are powerful beyond measure.  We are then in a position to recreate our shared world reality.

We are experiencing the beginning of the Elysium Eclipse which draws ever closer whether individuals can see this progress, or not.  Since we now operate on a whole new energetic level, we do well to look for, and bring back, technologies which have existed since the beginning.  Here are some elements to reconsider as technologies:

  1. Air: Breathe in our primary source of medicine: Prana, (also known as Chi, Orgone, & Zero Point Energy); oxygen, aroma therapy and insights from our natural world
  2. Sunshine: Exposure provides another source of medicine: codes to reset and evolve our DNA, Vitamin D, and 7+ light frequencies to heal and nourish the body & chakras
  3. Water: Exposure to another source of medicine: information from Mother Earth and all living things, detoxification & hydration
  4. Earth: Exposure offers another source of medicine: grounding in Earth Frequencies, real food as medicine, crystals, & other life affirming energies
  5. Play: Exposure to another source of medicine: provides physical, social & mental health
  6. Music & Rhythm: Exposure to another source of medicine: classical, chill, folk, African hand drumming, & whatever else you are drawn to
  7. Meaningful Work & Community Service: Exposure to another source of medicine: fosters a deep connection with all of humanity, the Earth and life itself
  8. Healing Arts: Exposure to many sources of medicine: most alternative healing practises based on connection work well – especially when one detoxifies & can hold the higher frequencies
  9. Magic: Use as another source of medicine: Intention, desire, faith, ritual, prayer & meditation

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, /Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”  William Shakespeare

Expand your philosophy with Quantum Health Transformation.  Watch my free online course, listen to my podcasts, read my blogs, bring some Zen Domes Orgonite into your personal spaces, and consider using my services.  All of these provide insight, wisdoms and methods to assist you to enjoy your creative powers within the Elysium Fields and enhance this special time of personal ascension, which I call the Elysium Eclipse.