QHT Step 4

Quantum Health Transformation 2.0: Step 4 Blue Understanding the Power of Heuristics & Speaking Your Truth Primer

Go beyond the Law of Attraction and discover your authentic truth! Step outside of the box and start learning on a total perceptual level. Now you can experience the power of heuristics and speak your truth with amazing outcomes! Join me, Karen Holton, for this FREE online course!

Quantum Health Transformation 2.0 Step 4 Blue© Understanding the Power of Heuristics & Speaking Your Truth LIVE Workshop:

In this LIVE Workshop (2015) I will show you, through my own life experience, how the lessons from the QHT Step 4 PRIMER video work in practical terms.  Once we recognize healthful patterns, we can distinguish between denial, and transformational affirmation which builds confidence, commitment and faith.  See how I tackled my own obesity issues and debt recovery while illustrating a doable harm reduction strategy.  See how changes to internal and external dialogue bring about actions which lead to total commitment and strong faith – the kind of Faith that moves mountains.