Step 4 – Quantum Health Transformation Primer PDF


Designed for those who wish to raise awareness, and improve their learning sources and outcomes.

  • provides another layer of detoxification through an exploration of our learning influences
  • upskills knowledge and understanding about how changes to external and internal dialogue create a shift in perception, which assists you to speak your truth with amazing outcomes
  • provides an understanding of quantum heuristics, to better plot your life course, and increase positive outcomes


How is QHT Step 4 different from other lifestyle programs?

  • Offers a quantum approach to learning, language and perception
  • Exposes the hidden agenda of mainstream media
  • Provides a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of the law of attraction

Step 4 Understanding the Power of Heuristics & Speaking Your Truth will teach you:

  • How the body produces bio-photonic energy
  • How spiritual consciousness travels faster than the speed of light
  • How we can make better use of a multi-dimensional reality
  • How negative habits and behaviours energetically harm the self, and others
  • Ways that we match energy to attract people into our lives
  • A new way to go from “rags to riches” by controlling your own virtual reality
  • An alternative process to attain health, wisdom and wealth
  • Techniques to discover options, which were there all along, that we are missing

Download this easy to read, beautifully illustrated, 24 page, Step 4 Understanding the Power of Heuristics & Speaking Your Truth – part of my unique quantum wellness program.   Click here to view Quantum Health Transformation – the complete, free online, video course.

Good Health to You!


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