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Feed Your Fractal of Wellness and Success – February 2017 Newsletter Article

Wellness and success, like everything else, is fractal in nature and follows certain, discernible rhythms and cycles.

Things rarely occur “all at once”.  Each season reveals an expansion phase and a contraction phase which lasts for over 3 months.  The process of spring starts within winter and expires within summer.  Everything is energy and it all follows sine wave patterns of ebb and flow.

Wellness and success also follow the same sine wave pattern: the larger being birth to death and this is filled with shorter sine waves, which form the flow of our well-being and success.  Everything follows the cycles of our Earth.

The seasons are marked with solstices and equinoxes and these same patterns can be found within all aspects of our life journey.  Wellness starts deep within illness and continues through to healing (expansion phase) and declines with the next challenge to our health (contraction phase).  The oscillations will always be there but we can minimize the discomfort by reducing the intensity of the sine wave.

Just like Yin and Yang, there is light during the winter solstice as we perform light rituals all around the world.  We also bring in the cold of winter during the summer solstice as we add ice to our beverages, and seek the shade of day and the cool of evening.

In like manner, there will be days of suffering during wellness and days of comfort during times of illness.  The sine waves of life are gradual because as humans, we experience time in very slow terms as 3D reality.  Matter is energy in extreme slow motion: Energy = Mass times the speed of light (C) squared.

My sociology professor, Roger Albert, describes the sine wave of the goings on within societies as being like an argyle sock pattern.  In a similar way, Thorstein Bunde Veblen, the sociologist, looked at the process of society as being like a river.  If you observe a river over time, you will see that its form is constantly changing as matter is picked up here and dropped off there.  Life is a process where we, like the rivers, pick up data, beliefs, habits, behaviours, etc. and we drop them off as we go along upskilling ourselves with new data, beliefs, habits and behaviours.  We are ever changing, growing and evolving.  Everything we perceive is a fractal phenomenon of change.  The ups & downs of life can also be summarized with the saying: “this too shall pass”.

Everything from the foods we eat to the energy we share as we perfect our craft cycles throughout life: small cycles within larger cycles: expansion and contraction: death and renewal.  Yin and Yang.  When we look at our life process in this way, we become more concerned with the quality of our lives rather than quantity.  Each moment is a gift, and we are constantly making decisions on the care and upkeep of this gift as we care for our bodies and perceptions in the Now.  This is self-love.

Self-love dissolves madness.  It is madness to knowingly harm ourselves, but millions do so as they continue to consume food-like products and indulge in a plethora of other addictions.  During the ebb and flow of life’s cycles, a harm-reduction strategy can easily be established with help from our Inner Guru – who knows every detail about us.  All we need do is be willing to listen, learn and apply.

This is called crafting life.  Self-love makes crafting life possible.  It starts by becoming very open and honest with ourselves about what we truly desire in life.  We often push our heartfelt desires away because we don’t think they are realistic or obtainable.  Succeed and become well within the oscillations of life.  Spend time every day thinking about what you truly desire.  Then ask yourself: What would be better than this?  Let your imagination out for a run.  When you feel truly joyful, you know you have found your bliss.  Now make the decision to go after your desire and spend some time choosing your first baby-steps.  Don’t plan too far ahead.  Check in with the Inner Guru and clarify to course correct as you go.  Just keep your eyes on the prize, and enjoy the process as it occurs in the Now.

It doesn’t take long before you begin to notice easier ways of doing things.  In the Now state, it becomes possible and desirable to apply harm reduction strategies because in these sacred moments, we are healed of our insanity.  This is how we leave non compos mentis and gain compos mentis, or mastery over ourselves.

Eventually, we spend longer and longer periods of time being fully present as we stop wasting our energy on fruitless distractions.  This energy serves us very well as we reach mastery of the Observer Within.  We are less hindered by time and distance as we raise our personal resonant frequency and more things become possible.

Heartfelt desire is the seed, and within this fertile zone of being, all things become possible and probable.  Wellness and success, like everything else, is fractal in nature and follows certain, discernable rhythms and cycles.  Keep your eyes open to reveal the opportunities found within the sine wave patterns of ebb and flow.  Presence and awareness unlock the vaults of abundance and health.  This is how we feed our fractal flow of wellness and success.

Good Health to You!