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The Body Temple and the Spirituality of Food

The saying, “You are what you eat” is truer than some realize.  Your body is an amazing machine which is made up of components from the planet, solar system and heavens beyond.  Real foods are grown in the soil, where they absorb minerals and other things, which combine with the energy from the sun to form new elements, which become us.  Food has also been recognized as medicine for thousands of years in many cultures (old & new world) and the concept was made popular in the post-classical ages by Hippocrates (460 BC – 375 BC).  Unfortunately this knowledge was mostly lost to industrialized nations who put more faith in marketing strategies than in traditional healing styles.  Now things have come full circle as we find out about the myriad of components in plants that heal and sustain us as never thought possible before in modern society.  Our bodies, the foods we eat, the planet and the sun are truly intimately related.

On a spiritual level, our bodies are temples sustained in ways that surpass the physical elements we can see and touch.  Kirlian photography reveals the spiritual quality of food which is also present in our physical/etheric bodies.  Organic, fresh, raw, live and wild foods add an abundance of sun energy (as seen with Kirlian photography) to nourish and heal us in ways mostly unknown to modern society.  Food as a rich source of spiritual energy makes all things possible because it expands our conception of reality and possibility.

Whether you choose to stay within a religious paradigm or not, most of us are aware of our spiritual need.  The mainstream socio/political/economic construct leaves us feeling thirsty for something more satisfying.  We are becoming aware of all the people who are evolving around us and who seem to be able to find something satisfying within; yet many of us remain thirsty while we keep signing up for courses and buying books written by those who have found their spiritual fountain.  Is it that Spirit is partial?  Could some be more worthy than others?  I suggest not at all.

In order to become enlightened, and/or filled with Spirit, we must prepare ourselves for this gift.  Simply taking steps to nurture and care for our temple bodies will make room for, and clear the channels for a rewarding spiritual experience.  If you give an inch of effort, the universe will provide a mile in return.  Universal tender mercy is all around us but we have to be willing to let it in!

This usually means conquering our fears and stepping out into the unknown.  In my opinion the fastest way to become connected with the overflowing inner fountain of unconditional love, wisdom, support and the gift of co-creation is through food and the tender, loving care we express toward our temple bodies.

Be prepared to make some sacrifices and to step outside of your comfort zone.  If we are eating dead, lifeless foods; or worse yet, tortured animals and frankenfoods (Genetically Modified), we are mistreating ourselves, disrespecting the temple body and shutting down the avenues for a truly satisfying spiritual reality. A reality that enhances this 3D earthly experience in ways we never before dreamed possible.

So feast on foods that are satisfying, and serve as your ultimate medicine.  Experience for yourself this wonderful source of universal love energy.  Become well and prepare to be amazed!

This information is taken from my video: Quantum Health Transformation Step 5 Green© 2014 Food as Medicine & Another Source of Universal Love Energy PRIMER.  Join me by watching my 9 Steps to Quantum Health Transformation, free to all on YouTube, and this website.