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Social Role Playing and Resistance – June 2016 Newsletter Article

As I work on my article to appear in the July issue of Sibyl Magazine: for the Spirit & Soul of Woman, I find myself coming to some realizations about the spiritual/health aspects of social role-playing.

When we play an assigned social role (like: Mother, Son, Life-partner, Employee, etc.), there are specific expectations attached.  These roles have been honed through time and adapted to make us fit better into mainstream society. However, many assigned social roles support old paradigm life but do little to support us in new paradigm living.

Assigned social roles (as opposed to authentic living), provide a simplistic caricature of our whole selves.  These offer a small window into a stereotype, which is seen publicly.  When we deny our authentic selves, we not only hide who we are, we become physically, mentally and spiritually ill.  The body develops disease, the mind makes errors in thinking and perceiving, while the spirit expresses its discontent by producing strong, intense emotions.  This is our feedback/guidance system.

Evolving within new paradigm realities requires our stepping outside of “the box”: a social/cultural, economic/political construct, which we are taught is reality.

With so much freedom to redefine ourselves to our own expectations, why do the majority of people stay stuck in assigned roles and mainstream thinking?

Stepping outside of “the box” shakes up the status quo as we observe for ourselves that “the emperor is indeed naked”.  The old paradigm resists change by assigning negative labels, and by pathologizing those who are clearly evolving into something new.  The “gatekeepers” of the old paradigm do not understand that which they have not personally experienced, so they stigmatize and ostracize those who do make the shift into new paradigm realities.

Outside of “the box” sociality is often considered deviance and is met with state and socially sanctioned deprogramming, chemical lobotomising (like: anti-psychotics, sedatives and anti-depressants), re-socialization techniques, disenfranchisement, and at times, institutionalization.  These are powerful deterrents!

We are complex beings and as my Quantum Health Transformation Step 9 videos demonstrate, we are like Nubby Balls.  Each nub is an aspect of ourselves and there are infinite aspects to each one of us: both light and shadow.  We are also like a nub on a Nubby Ball: each one of us unique – an expression of divinity diversified!

Authentic living is our healthy road to evolution and it will get turbulent (Chaos Theory) before a new pattern of order emerges.  Shifting into new paradigm reality involves a total overhaul of the old paradigm, which is fighting to stay in power by exerting intense pressure on non-conformists.  The status quo must go.  On a personal and global level, there is a rebirth phase, followed by an awkward phase and then finally we will see mastery of new paradigm living.

As we step out of our assigned roles, we will feel the pain and persecution of change – but we will survive.  Regardless of which system we spend our time in, life is a classroom, knowledge is power – open your mind.  Find your authentic self, self-actualize and prepare to be amazed with life in the new paradigm.

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Karen Holton BSW, Diploma in Women’s Studies, Health Coach & Lightworker.