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QHT: A New Health Paradigm – May 2016 Newsletter Article

In what way is Quantum Health Transformation™ a new health paradigm?

In response, let me tell you what I have noticed: most people want to find the easiest way to improve their health, vitality and abundance; but unfortunately they look to old paradigm methods or fall for mere marketing ploys. Most programs and products that they think will change their life for the better, are in reality fake, or only provide assistance with one small area of life.

The majority of alternative health practitioners recommend nutritional supplements in the form of pills, potions and powders to the point that they closely resemble the physicians who support big pharma.  We all would like to find that “magic bullet” but the truth is that we are complex and we need to address all aspects of who we are in order to thrive.

I have seen people who support the whole/raw foods movements but fail to avoid the risks of eating pesticide laden foods.  I have seen vegans eating a lot of processed, sugar laden and cooked-to-death foods.  I have seen healthy eaters who prepare and serve foods in toxic kitchenware, cheap disposable and very toxic party supplies, or plastic/styrofoam take-out containers.

Truth is we need to learn to eat real, clean, fresh domestic and wild foods – in other words: a biologically appropriate diet.  We need to learn to detoxify and alkalize our bodies on a daily basis if we want to recover from or prevent disease.  No one is perfect but there needs to be some serious self-reflection regarding lifestyle if people want to recover, heal and get more out of life.

This is why I developed and personally follow the 9 Steps to Quantum Health Transformation.

Quantum Health Transformation™ includes everything you need to know in order to transform your health and life experience into a complete state of wellness. It is more than physical, mental, spiritual or social. I offer tools, methods & practices to assist you to become the change you want to see in the world.  We are all connected: Heal the planet by healing yourself.  This is the New Health Paradigm.

Quantum Health is the total state of well-being made up of many components which must be understood and upgraded as a comprehensive unit in order to gain the desired final result. Bring comfort to the body, happiness to the mind and joy to the spirit through detoxification & nutrition, grounding & spiritual practises, light/shadow & female/male energy integration techniques, and the Law of Attraction.

My website will give you everything you need to transform your life and become the healthiest, happiest you possible! Quantum Health Transformation™ is the same program I use myself; in fact I developed it as I lost and keep off 178 pounds of excess weight and continue to evolve and enjoy the life I have always wanted. This free online 9 Step course will assist anyone (with any health or lifestyle concerns) to heal, evolve and thrive. I also offer an expanding selection of products to help you to get started, and a full range of educational and support services.  You are not alone.

Freedom from illness, freedom from fear and loneliness, freedom from feelings of separation and alienation: I will assist you with your freedom process.

Karen Holton BSW, Diploma in Women’s Studies, Health Coach & Lightworker.