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Eating for Optimal Gut Health – August 2016 Newsletter Article

In my past I missed out on much of life because I didn’t feel well enough to participate.  When I became sick and tired of being sick and tired, I got serious about my recovery.  I saw many doctors and specialists who came up with labels like: fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, PTSD, depression, colitis, migraines, acid reflux – but despite the many pharmaceuticals they prescribed, I did not get better.  I got worse.

In 2006 I had a severely botched abdominal surgery which left me with a seriously compromised digestive system and toxic body.  It is a miracle that I survived my 6 week stay in hospital, and the suffering I experienced after I was sent home.  This experience brought me to my knees and I was ready to do anything to get better, (suicide was my only other option to escape the intense suffering).

In 2007 I did a 43 day raw juice fast, which detoxified my body but did little to heal my gut.  I was still suffering.  After this, I transitioned to a raw vegan lifestyle which gave me plenty of nutrients but again, did little to heal my gut.  I was still suffering.  Since eating “super healthy” did not bring me the expected results, I added seafood, eggs and dairy to my diet.  By 2011 I was diagnosed with cancer and returned to eating mostly organic, raw vegetables, seaweeds, and berries, with the addition of organic eggs, yogurt and the occasional cage-free chicken.  This was my semi-lacto-oval vegetarian phase, and I was able to cure all of my cancer symptoms within 3 months, but I was still experiencing gastric distress.

The importance of Gut Biome to overall health and well-being has only recently come to light.  Prior to this year, I thought that taking a good quality probiotic along with sauerkraut and other fermented foods was all I needed to improve my gut health.  Then mid-June of this year, I was again brought to my knees with digestive pain for about a month, which the doctor identified as severe gastritis with complications due to my previous 7 major abdominal surgeries.  BTW I tried digestive enzymes and they were counter-productive.

A friend suggested bone broth as an alternative cure and I did some research.  I was surprised to find out that I had created the “perfect storm” by eating everything on the FODMAPs avoid list.

What is FODMAPs?  It is an acronym for a list of very common, but undigestible foods for people with sensitive/leaky guts.  According to the research, avoiding FODMAPs and consuming bone broth for 6 weeks would help heal my gut allowing for a whole new level of wellness.  Afterwards, I will be able to digest my food, and as I slowly reintroduce a broader range of foods, I will find out which foods are going to stay on my permanent avoid list.

After living a raw vegan lifestyle for over a year, I was concerned about returning to animal products.  A friend suggested a local meat market that only carries grass fed, humanely treated, chemical free meats, so I bought some soup bones and some bone broth and started my new eating program.

Within 24 hours I felt a whole lot better.  After about 10 days, I noticed improvement to my health.  For one thing, I felt very calm and unshakeable.  My life-long troubles with neck and hip pain, complicated with several forms of arthritis, no longer exist.  I now have much smoother range of motion.  I also suffered from TMJ, (which causes face, jaw, and ear pain with headaches) for over 40 years, and this too is no longer the case.  Then there is my newfound bowel health, absence of bloating and abdominal distress.  I even noticed an improvement in my eyesight!

At this point, I am following a paleo approach to eating, avoiding FODMAPs and consuming bone broth with sea weeds.  I am enjoying the absence of brain fog, and am much more productive over-all.  What I have learned is that there is no one right way to eat.  We are indogenous beings, which means we can adapt to many different environments and ways of eating.

I suggest we consider our blood type, and dominant ancestral background before we start a new eating plan.  Peoples of the arctic thrive on mostly meat and animal fat, peoples from the tropics do well with tropical fruits and taro. I have a strong Anglo-Saxon background and suspect a paleo approach suits my needs best.  A simple diet of bone broth, grass fed meats/fats and all of the low FODMAP fruits and vegetables are what I need right now to heal my gut, and strengthen my body.

The moral of my story is: regardless of lifestyle, if you are eating well, have cut out processed/refined foods and are not thriving, then perhaps you are having trouble digesting your food.  Do the research and find out if your gut needs some T.L.C.

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Karen Holton BSW, Diploma in Women’s Studies, Health Coach & Lightworker.FODMAPs