QHT Step 9

Quantum Health Transformation Step 9 Black©  Intro 2 “Nubby Ball”©2014KarenHolton with Light/Dark Integration PRIMER:

This video really puts the Quantum Mechanics component into your lifestyle program.  “Nubby Ball”© is a tool that opens the doors of your mind so you can gain insight into how things work socially, physically and metaphysically within yourself and our shared world experience.  Once mastered, this conceptual tool will facilitate a deeper understanding of the next 8 steps in this comprehensive wellness program.  (Please note: the P.O. Box shown in these videos is no longer available; click here to make a donation, or click here to contact me directly).

Quantum Health Transformation Step 9 Black© Intro 2 “Nubby Ball”© with Light/Dark Integration LIVE:

This LIVE action video component is meant to accompany the PRIMER of the same title, and shows you examples of how to understand and use the Nubby Ball tool.  I illustrate the concept of light/shadow integration with candid examples from my own life.