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QHT Step 9

Designed for those who wish to expand their field of awareness and learn more about the practical applications of Quantum Physics.

  • provides a simple understanding of Quantum Physics and its practical applications
  • provides an alternative to old paradigm, binary concepts which limit our ways of thinking and being
  • provides a remedy for denial, projection and failure to thrive

Click here to download this easy to read, beautifully illustrated, 32 page PDF copy of QHT Step 9 Introduction to Nubby BallTM Tool & Light/Shadow Integration.

Quantum Health Transformation 2.0: Step 9 Black – Nubby Ball Tool & Light/Shadow Integration Primer

Quantum Health Transformation 2.0 Step 9 Live Workshop Video

Find out how to use the Nubby Ball as a tool of analysis, and for light/shadow awareness & integration, (edited from a live workshop that I did in 2018, in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada).

Quantum Health Transformation (original) Step 9 Black© Intro 2 “Nubby Ball”© with Light/Dark Integration LIVE:

This LIVE action video is from the original course. It shows you how to understand and use the Nubby Ball tool through example.  I illustrate the concept of light/shadow integration with candid examples from my own life. Please note: the P.O. Box shown in this video is no longer available; click here to make a donation, or click here to contact me directly.