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Sibyl Magazine: for the Spirit & Soul of Woman November 2016

My Quantum Health Transformation

Energizing My Temple by Karen Holton

Wellbeing eluded me until I learned to energize my temple.  My body is a sacred gift given to me to serve as much more than an environmental suit.  There is so much potential for spiritual growth through appreciating the wisdom within our physical bodies.  Since we are what we eat, let’s look at my discoveries about food as sacred technology, and how this can improve our spiritual lives.

Food is not entertainment.  Living food is the most powerful and sacred way to infuse us with life force energy.  When we are noble about our food choices, sacred energy is passed from one form to another.  Our energies combine and the living/sacred food adapts to us and compensates for what we need.  This is why I decorate my living area with healthy, attractive, live foods.  I arrange fruit and veggie bowls, which keep the food at room temperature, and add so much beauty to my home.  Every time I glance at them, I feel happy, and this transmits happy energy and appreciation to my food “friends”.

Real food is alive.  The flesh and skin of fruits and vegetables are their external womb, which remains energetically connected to the original plants.  This is why fresh, local food is so important!  In addition, foods that come from trees like apples and almonds, also act as powerful medicines because they carry the energy from the whole tree.  These ties weaken, or are severed when food travels long distances to our table.

Edible plants and free-range animals have three primary purposes: to reproduce, to bring harmony to the ecosystem, and to serve as food.  Only non-GMO, chemical-free foods can do this because they are sacred.  This offering of life is not to be squandered by processing it into something recreational.  Food sources are delighted to offer themselves for the spiritual work of new paradigm living.

When we are holistically healing ourselves, we are living in harmony with the plants and animals.  This is why all humanely raised, nutrient dense foods are guilt-free.  They are good for us and when we consume them, we do no deliberate harm.  We crave that which we need (not the same as addiction).  When we crave a specific food, we need something within it.  When we have had enough, we crave something else.  Just like when we are thirsty, we are unmistakably attracted to what we need.

How can these healthful foods improve our spiritual lives?  When we eat a biologically appropriate diet, and learn to rest and digest, our physical, mental and spiritual health improves.  When we combine this with adequate sleep, we heal, digest, assimilate; and this gives us a chance to recharge our energetic systems.  Learn to energize your temple.  Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, keto/paleo, or just a healthy eater, your body is a gift and food is literally sacred technology waiting to be utilized.

Sibella Circle Member & Visionary Leader