Step 9 – Quantum Health Transformation V.3.0 Primer PDF


Designed for those who wish to expand their field of awareness and learn more about the practical applications of Quantum Physics.

  • provides a simple understanding of Quantum Physics and its practical applications
  • provides an alternative to old paradigm, binary concepts which limit our ways of thinking and being
  • provides a remedy for denial, projection and failure to thrive


How is the Quantum Health Transformation Step 9 different from other lifestyle programs?

  • It combines ancient wisdom with cutting edge quantum physics
  • It provides the primary foundation to the complete Quantum Health Transformation lifestyle program by opening the mind and raising awareness
  • And it provides ways to break free from binary thinking, and open up a quantum reality

Step 9 Black:  Introduction to Nubby BallTM Tool & Light/Shadow Integration will teach you:

  • How to expand your awareness and about the dynamic interconnected nature of all things
  • How to ditch the drama and learn to look at issues more analytically and less emotionally
  • To understand issues more fully, to get a balanced sense of the whole, and learn 4th & 5th dimensional thinking
  • To flush out any binary concept which considers only two points among infinite positions within the realm of possibility
  • Techniques for self-reflection, authenticity and character building so you can evolve
  • How to dissolve conflict, and sharpen your critical thinking skills
  • How to approach Light/Shadow work so you can experience more balance and wisdom in your life
  • Overcome our binary programming, and our black/white, positive/negative, up/down, good/evil world view
  • How to create your experience for less denial and subconscious sabotage
  • To truly begin to thrive, and find happiness and contentment with a more rewarding life!

Download this easy to read, beautifully illustrated, 34 page, Step 9 Black:  Introduction to Nubby BallTM Tool & Light/Shadow Integration – part of my unique quantum wellness program. Click here to view Quantum Health Transformation – the complete, free online, video course.

Good Health to You!


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