Introduction to Quantum Health

Here is the Quantum Health Transformation© 9 Step workshop series:

Note: each Step has at least two videos of the same name. One features the details (the PRIMER) and the other is LIVE action and features me illustrating the points from the PRIMER with my own life experiences. They are meant to work together so please watch both to fully benefit from this course. The PRIMERS are done in slide show format. Feel free to hit the pause button if you need more time to assimilate the information.

Quantum Health Transformation Introduction

I lost 178 pounds as the result of a spiritual awakening. Find out how I achieved permanent weight loss and a whole lot more: this introduction outlines the complete, 9 Step course.  (Please note: the P.O. Box shown in this video is no longer available; click here to make a donation, or click here to contact me directly.

Links to the complete free course:

Good Health to You!