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QHT Step 8

Quantum Health Transformation 2.0: Step 8 Red – Grounding & Birth of Core Belief Systems Primer

Designed for those who wish to feel more grounded, to soothe the mind, body and soul, and to change belief patterns, making way for quantum recovery and personal evolution.

  • provides solutions for those who feel stressed out, anxious or depressed
  • provides alternative coping mechanisms, and methods to improve sleep
  • improves self-care, self-soothing and self-centering practices

Click here to download this easy to read, beautifully illustrated, 28 page PDF copy of QHT Step 8 Red: Grounding & Birth of Core Belief Systems.

Quantum Health Transformation 2.0 Step 8 Live Workshop

Learn my simple approach to grounding, self-soothing & self-regulation, so you can feel better fast. This Quantum Health Transformation 2.0: Step 8 Live Workshop also teaches you more about how to interact with the Quantum Field, and offers suggestions for creating & incorporating your new core beliefs about yourself, (edited from a live workshop that I did in 2018, in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada).