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QHT Step 8

Designed for those who wish to feel more grounded, to soothe the mind, body and soul, and to change belief patterns, making way for quantum recovery and personal evolution.

  • provides solutions for those who feel stressed out, anxious or depressed
  • provides alternative coping mechanisms, and methods to improve sleep
  • improves self-care, self-soothing and self-centering practices

Click here to download this easy to read, beautifully illustrated, 28 page PDF copy of QHT Step 8 Red: Grounding & Birth of Core Belief Systems.

Quantum Health Transformation 2.0: Step 8 Red – Grounding & Birth of Core Belief Systems Primer

Quantum Health Transformation 2.0 Step 8 Live Workshop

Learn my simple approach to grounding, self-soothing & self-regulation, so you can feel better fast. This Quantum Health Transformation 2.0: Step 8 Live Workshop also teaches you more about how to interact with the Quantum Field, and offers suggestions for creating & incorporating your new core beliefs about yourself, (edited from a live workshop that I did in 2018, in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada).