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Welcome to a New Health Paradigm!

Quantum Health Transformation©2014KarenHolton

Welcome to Quantum Health Transformation©

Here are the links to my free 9 Step online course, which will give you everything you need to transform your life, and to become the healthiest, happiest, most successful you possible! This is the same program I use myself; in fact I developed it as I lost (and keep off) 178 pounds of excess weight, and enjoy the life I have always wanted. This 9 Step video series will assist everyone to heal, evolve and thrive.

The 9 Steps are produced and presented in descending order. This will help you to bypass some of your linear programming. Think of it as a countdown to your ultimate goal. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 blast-off! Huston we have lift off!

Start by subscribing to my Karen Holton YouTube channel.

You may start this free, online course by watching this overview of my struggle with weight throughout my life. It has a happy ending though because I came to lose 178 pounds and developed the 9 Steps to Quantum Health Transformation© as a result.

This weeks episode of “Raised by Giants” is with returning guest Karen Holton. Karen is a Social Justice Activist & Judge for the Natural & Common Law Tribunal for Public Health & Justice. Karen is also an E.T. experiencer, educator, channel, guide & ascension coach. We speak about the Quantum Health Transformation Program that was downloaded to her from her spirit guides, Shadow Work, Victim Triangle and more. Here is the link to the Raised by Giants Show:

Links to the complete free course:

Good Health to You!