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Unleash Your Super Powers – October 2016 Newsletter Article

Super Powers: everyone has them but few are even aware of them.  Super powers come from within and are supplied by Source Energy, also known as Holy Spirit, which is ever present and available, regardless of our current state of consciousness.  We do not need the assistance of a religious paradigm to access this unlimited power; all we need to do is keep open to the concept by creating sacred space within.  During this often confusing shift from old paradigm to new, we experience both realities for a while, but we also have the assistance of ancient technologies to see us through this shift.

Rather than learning to do something specific, new paradigm realities emerge all on their own as we remove that which is not really a part of us.  Bad programming, patriarchy, religiosity, self-doubt, and poor health can hold us back by lowering our overall resonant frequency.  Waiting deep within the authentic self lies everything we need to know, do, be and express within new paradigm living.

Finding and utilizing your Inner Guru is your first super power.  Your Inner Guru resides as the observer in the presence of the Now.  When we stop looking back and forward, time (the 4th dimension) becomes creative magic, and your Inner Guru will teach you how to use this.  Mindful, conscious living will help you to find your Inner Guru.  Once the two of you become a permanent unit, your Inner Guru will reveal more super powers, and life becomes more rewarding as we see for ourselves the personal power only new paradigm reality makes possible.

You will learn how to self-diagnose and repair your own self-defeating patterns of thought and behaviour, which may be holding you back from a much richer existence.  It starts with “just noticeable” differences, and as we become aware of these changes, we strengthen our resolve to continue with this fascinating ascension process.  The effects are always physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual – all at the same time, and can be subtle or obvious.  But no worries because as mentioned earlier, we have the assistance of powerful ancient technologies to see us through the shift.

The first and most powerful of ancient tools is found in certain foods like blue-green algae and wild plants.  They supply advanced nutrition and medicines for our bodies, but they also alter our DNA, raise our resonant frequency, which powers our ascension process.

The second ancient tool is crystals and their function in precision-made orgonite (which amplifies the power and influence of crystals).  Think of crystals as beautiful, spiritual friends with diverse personalities, which communicate at hundreds of thousands of KHz – they pulse faster than the speed of light!  In addition, angels are connected to specific crystal frequencies, which is why they are used as spiritual communicators.  Crystals exist on a continuum bridging the realms of heaven and earth.

Zen Domes OrgoniteTM are orgone (also known as Chi, Prana, Zero Point energy) generators.  They are simple compounds which balance ambient energy by turning negative energy (including EMF) into positive healing energy, with many easily-confirmed health benefits.

Zen DomesTM are made by combining clear quartz crystals, other life-enhancing crystals, along with a mix of organic resin with metal shavings.  This produces a substance which attracts and converts electro-magnetic frequency (EMF) and other negative energies into new and more healthful frequencies continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I have personally experienced multiple health benefits from regularly keeping Zen Domes nearby.  As the clear quartz crystal emits its specialized healing frequency (786,000 KHz), it amplifies the frequency of the secondary crystals.  Together, they emit an inaudible symphony of healing frequencies, which clear all of the chakras as they relax the body, and restructure the water and natural crystals (salts) found in our fluids and tissues.  In this way, they are especially helpful during the ascension process, which is all about raising our own unique resonant frequency signature.  Learn more about Zen Domes Orgone Generators.

Other powerful, ancient technologies include breath work and visualization; grounding in Nature; music and sound therapy; artistic activities which create harmony, and anchor in the Divine Feminine; and detoxification to remove the barriers and energetic blockages.

I have much experience with all of these technologies and have developed an amazing array of super powers as a result: I became a channel, an expert spiritual mapmaker, wise with precognition, more empathic in my abilities as shamanic healer, and have enhanced my ability to create in the abstract and bring this into our shared reality.

Work with me and let me introduce you to your Inner Guru.  Once a mind has expanded, it never goes back, and the reward within new paradigm living is super powers, which will never let you down.