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Concerned about EMF and other negative energetic influences?  I offer a detailed assessment of your health and living spaces to determine which orgone generators will work best for your unique situation.  Click here to learn more about how Zen Domes Orgonite can benefit you.


Before ordering this service, take a look at my Zen Dome Best Use Guide.  If your concerns are not quite satisfied, contact me for a private consultation.

Think about your reasons for contacting me for a few days while you write up a brief, but accurate description of how I may be able to assist you with Zen Domes Orgonite.  Then email me via my Contact page.  After I consider your request, I will return your email with available times for us to talk via Skype, Zoom or Messenger Facetime.  I may also send you an email with a few questions for clarification before we talk directly, so I will already be familiar with your situation.

Service Area

Live & local services are not available at this time, however, we will do just as well communicating by Skype, Zoom or Messenger Facetime.

Service Procedure

  • write up a brief, but accurate description of how I may be able to assist you
  • email your request to me via my Contact page
  • I will return your email with available times for us to talk
  • now add this service to your cart and pay
  • we will have a brief chat via Skype, Zoom or Messenger Facetime (20 minutes)
  • then I will spend some time analyzing the information you have supplied in order to come up with some solution options
  • I will email to you a brief written report outlining the issue and the solutions
  • detailed reports are available for an additional fee.


Standard fees include the time we communicate directly, and the time before and after we talk, when I work on a way to ameliorate your issue.  Most sessions are concluded with a brief written report outlining the issue and the solutions.  Detailed reports are available for an additional fee.


I do not offer cures per se, but feel confident that I can bring you into alignment with yourself so you can find and utilize your own diagnostic and curative powers.  I do not diagnose medical issues or prescribe medicines.  Zen Domes Orgonite do not cure medical conditions.  Click here to see my credentials and professional references.

2 reviews for Zen Dome Orgone Needs Assessments

  1. Karen Holton

    “I am very, very pleased to say that the Zen Dome Orgonite that a dear Friend introduced me to is just wonderful! The amulet/shield alone, has made a significant difference to my health in the following ways:· The headache, foggy brain, and other cognitive issues I have suffered from have all but disappeared;· I have much more energy, and am clearer by far…with long hours and late into the night, and up early because I moved a week ago.· Chronic pain in my shoulder and neck are substantially relieved – I can use my arm again!;· I began using the Amulet/shield 4 days before my move, and I was astounded at how much strength, and energy… I had, and still have… really, really exceptional changes have occurred with less inflammation, aches and pains, etc…· I just love the amulet/shield… and sleep with it too!· Oh, and if I am over exposed, like in a store like Costco with horrible lighting and many people, and energies, if I begin to have my ‘overload’ symptoms… they disappear within an hour.As well, I have the large pyramid, the sleep/meditation pyramid, and 2 Quantum Cleanse Diamond orgonite in critical places in my home. They are located in my CranioSacral Therapy session room, my bedroom, and near my computer and are very clearly doing their job… I sleep deeply and wake refreshed, my clients are pleased with their sessions, and as I know them well, we’ve discussed the pieces at length ….All of the above amazing results are despite 2 smart meters on the same wall…down at the corner of the building… and the electrical panel on the room wall, and wifi upstairs.Please note: I have been diagnosed as Electrically Sensitive and was almost housebound at one time, so for me to feel ‘safe’ with my amulet/shield in my pocket, and Zen domes in my home is really truly a Godsend. Thank you Karen Holton.  Best, Marian”Marian Roper – Nanaimo, B.C. Canada – December 10th 2016

  2. Karen Holton

    “These (Zen) domes are amazing!! Honestly, if it wasn’t for a close friend who had recommended these to me for pain relief, I would’ve never found this shop, and/or would’ve been too skeptical to have even tried it. Little did I know after my first order that I too was also suffering from EMF. Symptoms that I had had for years, but didn’t know what they were that limited me from watching TV or using my computer, went away. Just by placing one mini zen dome next to my laptop when I use it keeps my head clear and I’m able to focus and get my work done even if it takes hours without getting sick. I even tested taking the (Zen) dome away and using the laptop…the symptoms came back. It is UNREAL!!! I am still in amazement by how well they work and my plants love them too! A life changer! Bless Karen and James for getting them out there!”S.M. – Victoria, B.C. Canada – September 23rd 2016

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