Services include:

  • Energy Coaching – methods and tools to find, and care for your energy body.  One on one lessons to teach you basic bio-kinesiology and pendulum use for self-diagnostics, and energetic self-defence techniques.
  • Psychic Impressions – I will “cast my psychic net” within my sacred space to obtain a psychic impression or message for you.  In this way, my higher self and spiritual team assist me to gather messages and images that you may not yet be receiving on your own.  This general impression may contain advice about lifestyle, relationships, your future well-being, or something else.
  • Zen Dome EMF Assessments – a detailed assessment of your health and living spaces to determine which Zen Dome products will work best for your unique situation
  • Home Energy Clearing – Clear away past imprinting, and/or negative energies which may have deleterious effects on your life.  With the use of smudging, crystals & orgone-producing devices, we can refresh your living spaces.

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