Step 5 – Quantum Health Transformation V.3.0 Primer PDF


Designed for those who wish to improve their state of wellbeing through a biologically appropriate diet.

  • provides another layer of detoxification through a biologically appropriate approach to eating
  • upskills knowledge and understanding about how local, organic, fresh, raw, live and wild foods add an abundance of sun energy to nourish and heal us
  • provides an understanding of the relationship between spiritual enlightenment, and the ways we care for our temple bodies


How is Quantum Health Transformation Step 5 different from other lifestyle programs?

  • It offers a balanced approach to food and spirituality
  • It provides a bio-spiritual-ethical approach to increase wellbeing
  • It provides cruelty-free vegan, vegetarian, paleo, keto and carnivore food options

Step 5 Food as Medicine & Source of Universal Love Energy will teach you:

  • How foods can serve as medicine
  • How Kirlian photography reveals the energetic quality of food which is also present in our physical & etheric bodies
  • How food is a rich source of spiritual energy
  • Delicious ways to care for the temple body
  • The latest information about food preservatives
  • About food sources which are better than others
  • New information about veganism, pH & juicing
  • About DIY Medicinals & How to Identify Edible Wild Plants

Download this easy to read, beautifully illustrated, 42 page, Step 5 Food as Medicine & Another Source of Universal Love Energy – part of my unique quantum wellness program.  Click here to view Quantum Health Transformation – the complete, free online, video course.

Good Health to You!


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