Quantum Health Transformation Workshops

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One of the 9 Steps to Quantum Health Transformation per session, and up to 12 sessions available with and without PDF workbooks.


Quantum Health Transformation is a free, online webinar series found on this website and YouTube.  The workshop content is flexible, and can feature:

  • a private or public showing of the videos associated with any particular step,
  • a lecture,
  • a Q & A session,
  • a demonstration, and/or
  • a seminar with workbook (PDF)

Write up a brief, but accurate description of how I may be able to assist you and your group, along with the preferred dates & times.  Then email me via my Contact page.  After I consider your request, I will return your email and let you know if the dates & times suggested are available.  Workshops can be held online via Zoom.  I may send you an email with a few questions for clarification.

Service Area

Workshops can be held online via Zoom.

Service Procedure

  • write up a brief, but accurate description of how I may be able to assist you, along with preferred dates and times
  • email your request to me via my Contact page
  • I will return your email to confirm dates & times
  • now add this service to your cart and pay
  • workshops are available online via Zoom
  • If you desire workbooks, you can purchase the PDF version of the lessons from my shop.  Click here.


Standard fees apply to workshops given online via Zoom.  Fee is based on a one hour workshop, and PDF workbooks cost an additional $3.99 CAD per participant.  If you would like to include a question & answer period, demonstration or the showing of the videos, add at least another hour.


I do not offer cures per se, but feel confident that I can bring you, and your group into alignment with yourselves so you can find and utilize your own diagnostic and curative powers.  I do not diagnose medical issues or prescribe medicines.  Click here to see my credentials and professional references.

1 review for Quantum Health Transformation Workshops

  1. Karen Holton

    As if getting A’s & A+’s are not enough for her, Karen is intelligent & experienced!There are some things you can learn from books, but to really think & apply the knowledge into your own life is yet another gift altogether, and Karen has this gift — the wealth of her experiences always helps her find her dreams & achieve them.Lu Han Bruce ~ Affiliate @ Empower Network (2013)

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