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Specific support for those who wish to learn and master the 9 Steps to Quantum Health Transformation.  In short, Quantum Health Transformation is a “life hack”: it teaches you methods and practices to ensure a healthier, happier, more successful you!


Quantum Health Transformation is a free, online course, found on this website under the Free Resources tab, and on my YouTube channel.  These videos are self-explanatory, but if you have any questions or want support with your Quantum Health Transformation, then this service may be right for you.

Think about your reasons for contacting me for a few days while you write up a brief, but accurate description of how I may be able to assist you with your life journey.  Then email me via my Contact page.  After I consider your request, I will return your email with available times for us to talk via Zoom, Skype or Messenger Facetime; let me know if you prefer email.  I may also send you an email with a few questions for clarification before we talk directly, so I will already be familiar with your situation.

Service Area

Live & local services are not available at this time, however, we will do just as well communicating by Skype, Zoom or Messenger Facetime.

Service Procedure

  • write up a brief, but accurate description of how I may be able to assist you
  • email your request to me via my Contact page
  • I will return your email with available times for us to talk
  • now add this service to your cart and pay
  • we will have a chat via Skype, Zoom or Messenger Facetime
  • then I will spend some time analyzing the information you have supplied in order to come up with some solution options
  • I will email to you a brief written report outlining the issue and the solutions
  • detailed reports are available for an additional fee.


Standard fees include the time we communicate directly, and the time before and after we talk, when I work on a way to ameliorate your issue.  Most sessions are concluded with a brief written report outlining the issue and the solutions.  Detailed reports are available for an additional fee.


I do not offer cures per se, but feel confident that I can bring you into alignment with yourself so you can find and utilize your own diagnostic and curative powers.  I do not diagnose medical issues or prescribe medicines.  Click here to see my credentials and professional references.

3 reviews for Quantum Health Transformation

  1. Karen Holton

    I have observed remarkable changes in this woman’s health in the past 15 years. Karen no longer appears depressed. She now has normal energy and is productive. Knowing she has had numerous obstacles physically and emotionally, her current good health is nothing short of remarkable. I believe this is due to her lifestyle changes.Marie Tracy – Health Educator & Smoking Cessation Consultant (Retired) (2014)

  2. Karen Holton

    I have known Karen since 2006, and during that time, I have watched her transformation into a capable, productive person. Her lifestyle change, and the impact it has had on her both physically and mentally, is nothing short of astounding. I would highly recommend her program to anyone looking to improve any aspect of their health and well-being.Jonathan Miller – Victoria, B.C. Canada (2014)

  3. Karen Holton

    As if getting A’s & A+’s are not enough for her, Karen is intelligent & experienced!There are some things you can learn from books, but to really think & apply the knowledge into your own life is yet another gift altogether, and Karen has this gift — the wealth of her experiences always helps her find her dreams & achieve them.Lu Han Bruce ~ Affiliate @ Empower Network (2013)

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