Forbidden Transformation E6 Alien Implants Presentation PDF


Designed for the viewers of Forbidden Transformation with Karen & Chris.  Click here to see the playlist.

Our mission:  Chris Mathieu and Karen Holton feel compelled to support and educate the people of Earth, and to assist them to evolve and experience E.T. contact for themselves.  In this way, we help to create, and participate in, the New Positive Timeline.


Here is the overview of the presentation:

What is an Alien Implant?

Alien Implants can be:

  • etheric
  • energetic
  • holographic
  • genetic
  • biologic
  • synthetic.

Alien Implants can include AI, nanotechnology, bio-engineering and crystalline formations.  They are produced by interdimensional beings, E.T.s, and humans.  Some are beneficial, but most are not, as they infringe on our spiritual, mental,        emotional and physical health.  The purpose of implanting humans may be for experimentation, mind control, geo-engineering & transhumanism, biotelemetry (tracking), and more.

When Alien Implants are introduced to the body, they disrupt the electromagnetic balance and the homeostasis of the body.  They often produce low level Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) that interfere with our natural energetic and biological cycles. People with Alien Implants experience health issues as their bodies develop mechanisms to cope.

Alien implants impact our energetic and auric fields, the body, and the mind – disconnecting us from our inner-self and higher spiritual energies.  Most people are unaware of their presence, but find that they do not thrive in spite of their best efforts.

This fully illustrated, 23 page PDF version of the Forbidden Transformation E6 Alien Implants Presentation includes embedded links for easy access to course media and information.  This presentation is available to the global community of truth seekers through my videos found on my YouTube channel –, website & other social media platforms.

I believe that we can become the change that we wish to see in the world, and that we all could use an edge to assist with this process.  When our personal lifestyles harmonize with the natural state of the Earth, and not the mainstream mindset, we heal the planet as we heal ourselves.  Start with the practices found in the 9 Steps to Quantum Health Transformation: logic, language and lifestyle form your passport to a new and amazing reality.

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Peace & Love!


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