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QHT Step 2

Designed for those who wish to access their Higher Selves and the Akashic Records/Living Library.

  • provides ascension skills to assist with personal evolution
  • upskills knowledge and understanding about our subconscious mind and how it ties in to the Akashic Records and beyond
  • provides a non-religious framework with which to understand and access higher dimensions

Click here to download this easy to read, beautifully illustrated, 29 page PDF copy of Step 2 Integration with Higher Selves.

Quantum Health Transformation 2.0: Step 2 Violet© – Integration with Higher Selves PRIMER:

Quantum Health Transformation 2.0 Step 2 Violet© – Integration with Higher Selves Live Workshop:

Join me to learn what I mean by higher selves, as I experience them in my own life.  I explain what my experiences are like, what is required in order to have some of these experiences happen in your life, and the benefits that come from being able to access our higher selves.  This Live Workshop (2015) video is meant to accompany the Primer of the same name.  Join me for this free, online course!