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Quantum Health Transformation: heal, evolve, & thrive!

(Article adapted from the Comox Valley Health and Recreation Guide: Winter 2014 Issue)

Quantum Health Transformation© includes everything you need to know in order to transform your health and life experience into a complete state of wellness.  It is more than physical, mental, spiritual or social.

Quantum Health is the total state of wellbeing made up of many components which must be understood and upgraded as a comprehensive unit in order to gain the desired final result.  Improving what we eat, drink, do, think, feel, know, perceive, understand, speak & believe all form the desired result – complete wellness.

My website delivers everything you need to transform your life and become the healthiest, happiest you possible!  Quantum Health Transformation is the same program I use myself; in fact I developed it as I lost and keep off 178 pounds of excess weight, and continue to evolve and enjoy the life I have always wanted.  This free online 9 Step course will assist anyone (with any health or lifestyle concerns) to heal, evolve and thrive.  Steps 9 through 1 are now featured at this website under the “Free Resources” tab.

“People are fed by the Food Industry, which pays no attention to health, and are treated by the Health Industry, which pays no attention to food.” Wendell Berry

As described in my 9 Step video series: food, chemicals in our environment, what we think about and believe, and our daily practices all affect our biochemistry and thus our mental and physical health.  These factors can create symptoms that often appear to be psychological in nature, but are actually physiological.  Discover how mental and physical symptoms can be eliminated or reduced by correcting all the imbalances and influences in your life and environment.  I would love to support you through your journey of self-discovery and recovery.

Using a gentle, harm-reduction strategy, I will assist you with a healthy eating plan.  Making simple changes in the diet is one of the most powerful self-care strategies at your disposal and is the foundation of my holistic health coaching and counselling approach.  As we bring enjoyable, healthful practices into your life, the old negative, self-defeating habits fall away automatically.

Optimize your physical, emotional and spiritual health, reduce stress and improve the quality of your life (even if you have no pressing health concerns), and reduce your risk for developing degenerative health conditions in the future with simple changes in diet and lifestyle.

I also offer an expanding selection of products to help you get started and full range of public and personal services.  Subscribe to my Newsletter and YouTube channel, and you will soon be well on your way to your own Quantum Health Transformation.  Life is good!    ♥   Karen

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